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[Fic] Kai/Xiumin Drabble Dump

Title: untitled
Rating: G
Length: 680w
Warning: mpreg
Summary: Jongin is Very Pregnant and all Minseok can do is wait.

It’s nearly four in the morning when Minseok sits up in bed, blankets falling to settle around his waist. He was woken by Jongin’s restlessness and he watches carefully as his very pregnant, very tired and very clumsy-but-doesn’t-want-to-admit-it husband rolls off the bed and onto his feet. ”Is it time?” Minseok rasps, waking up enough to start ticking off the memorized list in his head. There’s a bag packed by the front door with clothes for Jongin and baby outfits for both genders (because even ultrasounds lie) and a few things Jongin can’t live without. Minseok has an outfit for himself already laid out by the dresser and one for Jongin beside it. The car keys are on the hook, there’s plenty of gas in the tank and the list of Important People To Call First is tucked inside his wallet.

Minseok has one foot on the floor when Jongin answers.

"No," he drawls, shuffling over the carpet and toward the bathroom. "I have to pee again."

Minseok flops back on the mattress, the adrenaline that had come with the sudden realization that Jongin might be in labor threatening to keep him awake. Again. It’s been this way for a solid three weeks. The first two weeks weren’t nearly as bad as this because they led up to Jongin’s due date. But here they are, a full six days after their baby was supposed to be born and Minseok is stretched thin between calling home every hour to make sure Jongin is alright and trying to finish up the last few projects at the office so he isn’t disturbed at home during his leave of absence.

But it’s nothing compared to what Jongin’s going through. Minseok feels helpless as he watches Jongin cradle his swollen belly and walk with small steps, unable to even bend down to pick up the smallest of things because he can’t stand up on his own anymore. It used to be endearing, but now all it does is make Minseok fret like an overprotective mother. Jongin looks exhausted, the dark bruises under his eyes only getting worse with each passing day.

Jongin comes back and eases his way under the blankets, feet freezing. Minseok traps them between his legs and listens to Jongin’s content sigh. There’s little he can do, but Minseok scoots over and rubs the side of Jongin’s belly softly. ”Sorry,” Jongin mumbles against Minseok’s chest.


Jongin yawns, his fingers now working their way up and down Minseok’s spine. ”Waking you up.”

Minseok scoffs, pressing a kiss on Jongin’s forehead. ”Not your fault.”

"You’re right," Jongin agrees with a groan. "And this kid is going to get an earful about how much I suffered to bring him into this world." Jongin pauses and breathes out a laugh. "That’s good ammunition for when he’s a terrible, hormonal teenager, right?"

"If he’s anything like you, he won’t be terrible."

Jongin laughs louder. ”Do you remember what we were doing when we were sixteen?”

Minseok freezes. ”I’ll padlock his door and bar his windows.”

It’s so easy with Jongin. Minseok had set out to comfort him and Jongin turns it around on him.

"I can’t wait to meet him."

Minseok wakes up and groans when he sees the time. His alarm clock is set to go off in less than twenty minutes and that’s twenty precious minutes he could be sleeping. He watches Jongin wobble, an arm stretched to keep him up against the wall. The alarms go off in Minseok’s sluggish brain enough to have him out of bed and at Jongin’s side.

Jongin is clutching the bottom of his belly with his eyes shut and teeth in his bottom lip, nostrils flaring at how hard he’s breathing. ”I take it back,” Jongin whines when the pain seems to abate. Minseok smooths a hand down Jongin’s belly and stops when he feels it harden under his fingers and Jongin’s lips go white. ”He can wait all he wants.”

Jongin’s water breaks all over their feet and Minseok curses. This wasn’t on his checklist.

Title: untitled
Rating: NC17
Length: 500w
Warning: mpreg
Summary: pwp fting pregnant Minseok

Jongin lets out a shuddering breath, trying to keep himself from digging his fingers too hard into Minseok’s hips - his hips that are wider now that his belly is becoming more round with their child. But Minseok seems intent on snapping Jongin’s resolve as he rocks softly, palms hot on Jongin’s chest so he can push up and then drop back down on Jongin’s cock.

He looks ethereal, the soft moonlight caressing over sweaty skin as Minseok speeds, whines for Jongin to, “stop watching and fuck me.” And Jongin obeys on instinct, thrusting up and watching the tremors of pleasure play over Minseok’s face. His lips are parted, dragging in air and letting it puff out with a moan.

When Minseok bends, his torso curved over Jongin so he can brace his arms on the bed to go faster, Jongin can feel the swell of his belly push against his stomach. This surge of pride ripples through Jongin knowing that Minseok is carrying his child - their child - and he can’t help holding tighter. He tries to keep Minseok from moving down too much, from hurting himself, but it’s difficult when Minseok is also giving him the ride of his life.

"Jongin," Minseok moans, his mouth so close to Jongin’s own. "JonginJonginJongin, you feel so good inside me.”

The control he had over himself snaps and Jongin growls when he wraps an arm around Minseok’s waist and flips them over. Minseok doesn’t look the least bit surprised. There’s a knowing smile on his tempting lips and Jongin kisses it away, nips at soft pink until it’s dark and plump.

Jongin fucks Minseok open hard and fast just how he likes, soaking in every moan, every gasp, every cry of pleasure as Minseok flattens a palm on the wall to keep his head from slamming into it.

Their evenings always seem to end up this way - Jongin cuddling with Minseok in bed, massaging the aching muscles of Minseok’s feet and back before Minseok gets demanding and teases Jongin until he gets what he wants. And lately, all Minseok seems to want is Jongin’s dick. It’s not a situation Jongin is averse to, but there’s that part of him that worries if he’s going to hurt him.

When Jongin voices his thoughts aloud, however, Minseok just rolls his eyes and tells him that he’s just as sturdy now as he was before. And Jongin’s starting to believe it. Minseok walks around with a grin, practically glowing at how happy he is even after three rounds in the bedroom and another in the kitchen.

"Jongin," Minseok calls and the lilt in his voice has a shiver racing down Jongin’s spine. When he turns, Minseok is wearing one of Jongin’s old shirts and his eyes linger where it’s pushed out from Minseok’s belly. "I can’t find my pants." His eyes shine and Jongin knows what’s coming before Minseok says it. "So can I get in yours?"

Jongin laughs even as he abandons his desk in favor of gathering Minseok in his arms, not even the least bit surprised to discover he has on nothing under the shirt. Work can wait.

Title: Inevitability
Rating: NC17
Length: 1400w
Warning: a/b/o, knotting
Summary: Minseok never intended to claim Jongin.

Jongin was a gift.

Minseok had accepted him graciously - not wanting to insult their new pack alliance - and brought Jongin home to the pack house. Traditionally, Minseok knew he was supposed to simply take Jongin as his own, knot the omega and leave the scar of his teeth in unmarred skin, but Minseok’s never been the type to take something that doesn’t want to be taken. It’s a rare quality in an alpha, especially an alpha in charge of one of the strongest packs.

That doesn’t, however, stop him from orbiting around Jongin. He reasons he’s just getting used to the new addition. Maybe it’s because Minseok is used to the smell of his own pack, but Jongin’s scent is always the first one he picks up on when he walks in a room and it drives him crazy. It’s been weeks now and Minseok’s nose still burns when he catches a whiff of Jongin.

Luhan likes to tease him, of course, because he deems himself the only one with the balls to mock an alpha to his face. Minseok just rolls his eyes at his beta and tries to mostly tune him out. Luhan is a nuisance, but he always calls things as he sees them.

"I don’t know why you haven’t claimed Jongin yet," Luhan begins, propping his feet on the coffee table, legs crossed at the ankles. "No one else is going to touch him now that he reeks of you.”

Minseok freezes. ”What?”

Luhan looks over at Minseok with raised eyebrows. ”I give you way too much credit. I thought for sure you were subtly staking your claim. You scent marked him a while ago.”

Minseok thinks back, remembering all the times he’s reached out with a flimsy excuse to touch the omega, the nights where Jongin has crawled away from the other omegas sleeping in a pile and curled into Minseok’s embrace to sleep, the way Minseok had stayed at the back of the pack during the last full moon to make sure Jongin remained safe. He swallows hard, the realization sinking to the bottom of his stomach like a lead weight. He’s scent marked Jongin.

Minseok scowls. ”You know I’d never forcibly take a mate.”

"Please," Luhan scoffs. "The kid looks at you and hearts pop out of his eyes. It’s disgustingly cute," he adds with an exaggerated shudder. "I’ll tell you what," Luhan continues, knocking his hand against Minseok’s leg. "I’ll take the pack out on a much needed run and let you two have the house for a while."

Minseok makes this little distressed noise in the back of his throat and Luhan laughs.

"Don’t worry, I’ll keep them out of trouble so you can get into trouble.”

It ends up being a lot simpler than Minseok thought. He gets out a, “Jongin, would you like to -” before Jongin is cutting him off with an eager, “yes!” and tugging his shirt off over his head as he crawls onto Minseok’s lap.

Jongin bares his throat, head tilted so Minseok can reach, can drag his teeth over his skin teasingly just to smell the way Jongin reacts. By the time Minseok bites Jongin, the omega is trembling and a low moan echoes in Minseok’s ears. Jongin licks the blood from Minseok’s lips and then into his mouth. His fingers pull at Minseok’s hair and he rocks in his lap.

Minseok is about to pin Jongin to the nearest surface when he hears the door slam open. He openly growls at Luhan when he walks in. ”This better be good.”

"There’s a problem."

The problem is a dispute between two packs who need an outside party as a mediator. If it wasn’t a fight over territory, Minseok could have let someone else handle it, but in this case, it had to be him. He’d left a pissed Jongin behind and he can’t say that he blames him.

It takes four days to sort things out - one alpha demanding his right to the herd of deer that crossed the line and the other refusing to give in unless he’s given equal compensation. In the end, Minseok had negotiated the trade of several omegas for rights to the deer. Dealing with these matters is always stressful and he heads straight home instead of staying for the resulting celebration.

The first person he sees upon entering his home is Luhan; the beta rushes to him and pulls Minseok aside and away from the others who cower back at Luhan’s glare.

"It’s Jongin," he begins and Minseok nearly bolts out of Luhan’s grip, but he’s pulled back. "Your bite triggered his heat and he locked himself in your room the entire time."

"Shit." Minseok takes off up the stairs to his rarely used room. He prefers sleeping in the den with the rest of his pack - another odd thing for an alpha.

He’s unprepared for the thick, heady smell of Jongin to hit him in the face when he walks inside, closing the door behind him. There’s a lump curled up in the middle of the bed and Minseok watches Jongin turn, eyes widening when he sees who it is.

"Minseok," he whines, the blankets slipping down enough for Minseok to see bare skin and absolutely nothing else.

Minseok has never lost control of his instincts, but he’s close to it, his senses picking up the lingering traces of Jongin’s heat and letting it pull him under. Minseok doesn’t recognize the growl that rips up the back of his throat when he pulls the blanket off Jongin and lays over him.

Jongin whimpers, his arms locking around Minseok’s neck and bringing him in further. Jongin tastes just as amazing as he smells and Minseok can’t get enough. ”You left me,” Jongin breathes, his hands now working at ridding Minseok of his clothes.

"M’sorry," Minseok answers, distracted with the way Jongin feels under him, the heat of his body and scratch of his nails over Minseok’s skin in his haste to get him closer still. "Won’t happen again."

Jongin moans when Minseok - finally clothing free - grinds down roughly. ”Knot me,” Jongin demands in a raspy voice. ”Put a pup in me, please.”

Minseok’s composure chips away with every word from Jongin’s mouth, the omega begging and pleading and clawing at Minseok’s back. When he slips his hand down, Jongin’s legs fall open wider with a needy whine. Two fingers push inside Jongin without resistance, spreading apart so easily. Jongin’s still slick and stretched from taking care of himself during his heat and Minseok lets out a soft laugh when Jongin tells him to hurry up.

Minseok was going to take it slow, but he barely gets the crown of his cock inside him before Jongin wraps his legs around Minseok’s waist and draws him all the way in. There’s a momentary pause, the two of them meeting eyes, before Minseok moves. With his hands on Jongin’s hips, pushing them into the mattress, Minseok fucks Jongin open with as much power as he can.

Jongin scrambles to hold on, fingers tangling in Minseok’s hair even as he begs for more. His entire body shakes with each thrust, the air pushed from his lungs and Minseok thinks Jongin looks beautiful. Minseok’s knot grows faster than he’s used to and Jongin clenches around it, coaxes it into swelling so large that it won’t come out.

Minseok buries his face in Jongin’s neck, breathing in the scent of his mate as he grinds his cock into Jongin’s ass. The rush of his peak has Minseok going light-headed, groaning out Jongin’s name when he finally comes. His hips won’t seem to stop rolling, dragging his knot back and forth until he feels Jongin go rigid, pulsing around him.

It takes a while for Minseok to be able to move, his knot still too large for him to pull out, but he’s able to rest his weight on his arms instead of on Jongin. He lets out a fond sigh when he sees that Jongin’s already asleep, mouth open and arms looped loosely around Minseok’s neck.

Minseok decides to spend the night that way, knowing Luhan will keep the rest of the pack from interrupting. Besides, if Jongin really wants a pup, it’s probably going to take a lot more than one knotting. They’re both going to need their rest.

Title: Reactions
Rating: NC17
Length: 1100w
Summary: Minseok's never been able to resist Jongin.

A bead of sweat trickles down the side of Minseok’s face, followed quickly by another and he swipes uselessly at them with the hem of his damp shirt before letting it fall again. His limbs feel like jelly and the back of his throat is dry and he’s positive that one more run through their routine will have him passing out in the middle of the practice room. And judging by the state of the others, he wouldn’t be the only one.

Unbidden, Minseok’s eyes flicker to Jongin’s reflection in the tall mirrors and he’s not even surprised when he spies Jongin looking right back at him. It’s always been difficult to keeps his hands to himself when Jongin looks at him like that - his heated stare enough to stir Minseok’s arousal. Minseok has trained himself not to focus on Jongin during practices for fear of his self control snapping, but sometimes he just can’t help himself. The need to take, to devour and mark and claim Jongin without a care as to where they are is nearly overwhelming. Minseok’s nails dig crescents into his palms when he clenches his fists.

Jongin has always had a pull over Minseok - and he knows it - and Minseok is practiced at hiding it, but when Jongin dances, all bets are off. Minseok watches with interest as Jongin moves, the new choreo they’ve been learning rolling off his body as if he’s been doing it all his life. Minseok hates the way Jongin’s muscles flex, the way Jongin’s white shirt sticks to his chest with sweat, the way Jongin’s hips thrust forward. Most of all, Minseok hates that he’s half hard just from the show and he nearly growls when he sees Sehun reach out to grab Jongin’s wrist.

It’s only a minute later when they’re given the all clear to quit for the day, hit the showers and pile into the vans to head back to the dorms. Minseok feels the heat of Jongin at his side and it’s easy to slide his arm around Jongin’s waist and veer him away from the direction of the showers. Someone - probably Lu Han - whistles loud enough for it to echo down the hall.

It’s not the first time they’ve slipped off after practice and the small room Minseok leads Jongin to is familiar. The way Jongin pulls him in and kisses him is familiar too. Minseok would love to take his time, but time is a luxury they don’t have and they both know it. Jongin’s nails scrape down Minseok’s hips when he drags his pants down, grinning against Minseok’s mouth at his accompanying hiss.

Minseok bites down on Jongin’s lip and Jongin pushes forward with a moan, backing Minseok against the desk. Jongin wriggles out of his clothes and Minseok tugs his own shirt off over his head before they’re coming together again. Jongin’s already hard, his cock pushing against Minseok’s stomach and he whines into Minseok’s mouth.

It’s rushed, sloppy even, but there’s a ticking clock counting down to when someone is going to come looking for them. Minseok has Jongin bent over the desk, three slick fingers spread apart as he stretches him open. They’d fucked the night before and Jongin is already pushing back, voice muffled in the shirt Minseok had to shove in his mouth so he wouldn’t be so loud.

If he had the time, Minseok would run his hands over the plane of Jongin’s back, let his mouth explore the memorized expanse of skin as Jongin begs him to fuck him with a needy pout. Minseok enjoys being able to touch, to have his fill of Jongin, to make sure he’s ruined Jongin for anyone else because no one will ever be better at fucking Jongin than Kim Minseok.

Jongin lets out a shuddered groan when Minseok finally pushes inside him, cock slick with the lube they’ve stashed in the back of the top desk drawer. He grabs Jongin’s waist, fingers gripping as hard as he can get away with without leaving bruises.

Jongin braces his elbows on the desk, legs spreading further and then he starts strong. Minseok barely has time to adjust, surging forward when Jongin pushes back, the sound of skin meeting skin loud in the small room. Minseok watches the way the muscles of Jongin’s back move with each rock back and forth, his eyes drinking in the sight of how gorgeous his boyfriend looks when he’s being fucked hard and fast.

Minseok runs his hands down, fingers holding open Jongin’s cheeks so he can watch the way his cock disappears inside Jongin and then reappears, slick and red and hot. He plunges into Jongin forcefully, enraptured at the way Jongin still begs for more, his thighs beginning to tremble and his weight resting more on the desk as he raises onto the balls of his feet.

Minseok burns the image into the back of his eyes, shallowly thrusting now in a race to the finish. Jongin is breathing hard through his nose, his moans still muffled by the shirt, but Minseok can feel them all. Minseok bends over him, forehead resting on Jongin’s back so he can reach around. Jongin chokes out a whine when Minseok fists his cock, stroking Jongin off with short jerks.

Jongin is shaking when he comes, spine bowed and ass jutting up as Minseok fucks him through it. He’s so close he can almost taste it, jerking forward as Jongin tries to keep up even if he’s too tired, too sensitive.

Minseok drowns his own moans into Jongin’s back, teeth sinking in near Jongin’s spine when he can’t control it. It has Jongin clenching around him, whimpering with every thrust until Minseok finally comes. It leaves Minseok just as weak as Jongin, barely able to do anything save slump on top of Jongin who wheezes when he’s pressed harder onto the unforgiving desk.

A knock at the door has them both jumping, Minseok standing so fast that his vision goes dark and he ends up on the floor with an aching ass. ”What?” he snaps, knowing only one person knows where he and Jongin usually end up.

"Showers are free and we’re heading out in ten," comes Joonmyun’s voice through the door. Jongin sits up enough to send Minseok a pitiful, fucked out look and Minseok knows he’s going to end up carrying him to the showers. But he also knows that Jongin is going to head straight for Minseok’s bed when they get back and they can take a nice, long nap together. It’s going to be a great night.

Title: untitled
Rating: PG13
Length: 800w
Warning: fem!xiukai
Summary: Jongin has a crush on a girl in her class.

It’s too hot to be in class. The aircon in the building is out, but Jongin is here anyway, her legs propped up on the empty seat in front of her as the sweat trickles down the back of her neck. The tank top and shorts she’s wearing are already damp and she’d pulled her hair up into a high ponytail only moments after she’d arrived.

The Professor doesn’t look much better - his suit jacket shed and sleeves rolled up and Jongin almost feels sorry for him. Or at least as sorry as she can feel for someone who gives her hours of homework to do weekly.

Jongin sighs and fans herself with her notebook, taking note of the other few students doing the same. She doesn’t anticipate many more trickling through the door on a day as hot as this. If Jongin didn’t need a passing grade, she wouldn’t be here either. She dreams of being back in her dorm room, a fan blowing directly at her as she strips down to nothing.

The sweet temptation of leaving nearly has Jongin packing up her bag, but she stops short when she catches a familiar figure walking into the room.

Minseok is a small girl, dainty and positively adorable (and quite possibly perfect) and Jongin has never been able to ignore her presence. The only thing Jongin hates about Minseok is that she’s exactly Jongin’s type. And Jongin doesn’t even know if Minseok likes girls and there’s no way she’d ever get the courage to ask. So she sits in her seat and holds in a longing sigh as Minseok maneuvers through the rows to find a seat.

Minseok is wearing as little as everyone else is, pink shorts riding high on pale thighs and her tank top low enough for Jongin to get a glimpse of her white bra when she lifts her arms. Jongin presses her thighs together at the sight. It’s too hot for this.

It’s when Minseok turns, setting her stuff down on the ground and standing to pull her red hair into a ponytail that Jongin sees it. In bold, black text that takes up the entirety of the front of Minseok’s tank top, reads ”Save A Mouse, Eat A Pussy””.

Jongin’s breath catches in her throat and her eyes grow wide, jaw agape as she reads the writing again and again, wondering if this is just her mind playing tricks on her. Does Minseok even know what that means?

When Minseok glances up, Jongin doesn’t have a chance to stop her gaping before Minseok is smirking at her. Pink glossed lips lift on one side and Jongin thinks the heat isn’t going to be the only reason her panties are soaked. A look that salacious should be illegal on a girl such as Minseok. Jongin feels her cheeks heat up, but she can’t stop staring and Minseok’s head tilts, like she’s just noticing Jongin for the first time.

They both jolt when the Professor slams a meter stick against this desk, demanding the attention of the class. Jongin watches as Minseok spins and takes her seat, wondering what the hell just happened.

The rest of class passes with Jongin chewing the tip of her pen into a blue pulp as she stares at the back of Minseok’s head, watching the way her ponytail swishes, the way red lines blossom on her neck when Minseok scratches at the sweaty skin. By the time the Professor is wrapping up the lesson, Jongin realizes she’s absorbed absolutely nothing.

She’s so screwed.

Jongin packs up slowly, the back of her shirt attempting to adhere to her chair and she cringes when it pulls free, but the breeze on her damp back feels wonderful. And because of her meandering, stuffing her notebook back into her bag, Jongin realizes she’s left herself wide open and tries not to panic when she spots Minseok approaching.

Minseok slides into the chair next to Jongin’s, her legs crossing and pointed in Jongin’s direction and Jongin’s eyes linger on the exposed skin with interest. “So,” Minseok begins, drawing Jongin’s attention up to her face, “you look like someone interested in the preservation of mice.”

Jongin visibly gulps and Minseok’s smile is victorious.

“I’d love to talk to you more about it. Over ice cream maybe?”

“With me?” Jongin asks, proud of herself that she didn’t squeak at all under the weight of Minseok’s flawless face.

“Unless you’re not interested,” Minseok adds, leaning away from Jongin a bit.

“I am,” Jongin gets out in a rush before Minseok decides to leave.

Minseok’s smile is blinding and Jongin can’t pack up her things fast enough. Today might be a good day after all.

Tags: length: drabble, length: short, pairing: kai/xiumin, rating: g, rating: nc-17, rating: pg-13
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