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Valentine's Advent - Romance Is In The Air~ AAAND it's gone

Guess who totally didn't do an advent?
Guess who totally decided midway through December that she is full of regret?
If you guessed me, you're right - and also how dare you. *ahem*

Alright, so, in the spirit of romance/love/lust/getting dirty, send me a prompt so I can pour all my love into it and send it back to you. (Too cheesy?)

I accept prompts for EXO. This includes current members and the STRAIGHT OUTTA SM crew - Yifan, Lu Han and ZTao. You readers probably know more about my writing strengths and weaknesses than I do, so I leave it up to you to prompt me with something I'm capable of doing. And as always, I'm willing to write spinoffs/continuations to my previous work, but please be realistic. Some things can't be written in a drabble (unless it's just pwp).

Anon commenting should be on for those of you who wish to hide behind your screens and perv away. ^_^

*halfway through writing this, I remembered the few advents from '15 that aren't posted. *cries* I have not forgotten you!

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sehun beach

[Chapter One] It's Gonna Be Forever (Or It's Gonna Go Down In Flames)

Title: It's Gonna Be Forever [Or It's Gonna Go Down In Flames]
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Jongdae/Luhan
Length: pt1 - 11k
Warning: forced societal arranged marriage, infidelity, drunk sex, rough sex, sex toys, rimming, mpreg, angst, implied depression, untagged side pairings, general all-around unhappiness
Summary: There are a lot of things Jongdae wants out of life. Lu Han isn't one of them.

The chapters are too large for one lj post, so I'm putting them up on AO3

Feel free to comment there, or here.