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[Fic] The Art Of Seduction (Oh Sehun Style)

Title: The Art Of Seduction (Oh Sehun Style) [Oneshot]
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Kai/Sehun
Length:: 8700w
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys.
Summary: Where Sehun falls for Jongin, his new college roommate, and Luhan is absolutely no help.

"I'm almost positive there's some horrendous cliche in all this."

"Don't be so dramatic. Use your calming words, breathe and fucking relax."

Sehun glares at Luhan, launching his balled-up straw wrapper at the older man sitting across from him. He hates seeing that serene look on his face, obviously not giving a shit about the awkward pain his best friend is going through. Sehun brings his straw to his mouth, drinking his bubble tea in what he considers an aggressive way as he continues to bore holes in Luhan's face.

"Look, Sehun, you're going to be stuck with this guy for the rest of the year. You might as well march your socially inept ass back to your room and try to make a better second impression."

That, however, is the last thing he wants to do. So he pouts and slides down in the booth to show his dissatisfaction over that particular piece of useless advice. Luhan merely drinks his own beverage and gazes at his younger friend with what Sehun thinks looks like disdain. He slides down further.

---Several hours earlier---

Sehun is standing on his side of the small room, grinning like a mad man as he takes it all in. A childish giggle escapes as he launches himself onto his bed, kicking his feet in glee while he rubs his face in his pillow. It isn't as if the room he has to share is impressive by any stretch of the imagination, but it's his. He's finally managed to make it out of his parent's house and into the world. Well, into a college dorm, but that totally counts.

No more over-protective parents. No more high school drama. No more worrying over every little thing. This is Sehun's fresh start. This is -

"Oh, hi."

Sehun nearly jumps out of his skin before rolling onto his back and sitting up, eyes wide and hand over his racing heart. The source of the voice is a guy who looks to be his age, a guy looking right at him with a curious expression on his face that does little to hide the fact that he is attractive as hell. If he had been at his best, Sehun would have offered to help him with his stuff, taking the box out of his hands and introducing himself like a fully functional member of society. But seeing as he's feeling a little star-struck, all he can do is stare and swallow over the lump that's forming in his throat.

He isn't prepared for this. Why wasn't 'how to act like a human in front of your gorgeous new roommate' in the handbook? Mentally shaking his head, he blinks a few times and stands, running a hand through his hair nervously as he mumbles a very low greeting. He's almost certain his voice didn't crack, although that may just be wishful thinking. Falling back into his safety net, Sehun slips on his poker face. Luhan says he looks stoned, but right now it's better than panting and drooling over his new roommate.

A smile is gracing the boy's face and suddenly Sehun's knees think it's a good time to hit the floor. Sehun locks his legs in place to stay upright as he returns the smile, knowing it probably looks forced and there's far too much teeth. He's reminded of all those idiotic cartoons he would watch as a child - ones he most certainly hadn't watched when he was a teenager and had the house to himself on boring weekend mornings. He can just imagine how he would look as a cartoon, standing there slack-jawed as a disgustingly cute cupid shot an arrow dramatically through his chest. Any second now hearts would start beating out of his eyes.

Ah hell.

Sehun stands there in all his uselessness as the other boy walks inside to drop a box on the floor and slide his backpack off, a sliver of tanned skin between his shirt and jeans peeking out to taunt him. All too soon that gorgeous face is in front of him, smiling and still moving toward him and why the fuck is he so pretty?

"I'm Kim Jongin," he offers, now far too close for Sehun to breathe properly. Heart racing, Sehun isn't sure if the cause is from the close proximity, the sound of his low voice or a sudden heart condition his parents may have failed to inform him of. Possibly, just maybe, it's a combination of the three. Or, ya know, the first two.

"Ihavetogo," Sehun breathes out in a rush, lurching forward and slamming into Jongin's side a bit as he practically runs from his room.

This is not the beginning he imagined.


Sehun is poised in front of his dorm room, arm half-raised as he tries to decide if proper etiquette calls for him to knock before going in or if he should just barge in because, hey, it's his room too. Maybe he can stroll in, introduce himself and let things go naturally from there. He's perfectly capable of being normal around other people. . . usually. He psyches himself out twice, walking halfway down the hall before deciding to turn back around and almost knock again.

This is ridiculous.

Taking hold of the doorknob, he sucks in a calming breath and opens the door, walking in with confidence.

Confidence that shatters when Jongin looks up at him through the dark bangs covering his eyes. Sehun's mouth goes dry and he attempts to wet it again, making a fish face which he's sure is the reason why Jongin looks so amused. His hands ball and unball at his sides as he pushes aside that moment of panic and tries to start again. Again.

"I'm sorry," stumbles out of his mouth quickly. "Really, I just - I wasn't expecting someone, well . . . you." Crap, that came out all wrong. "I mean, you're fine and all I guess with your - face."

Jongin shoots him an accusatory look before sliding his books off his lap and standing. Sehun steels himself and decides to give it another go because Luhan's obviously flawed advice is still fresh in his mind.

"No, I didn't mean - wait, let me start over."

"No. No. I'm pretty sure I got it."

Jongin pushes passed him, ramming his shoulder into Sehun's before letting the door slam behind him.

"Ow," Sehun mumbles pathetically. He shuffles to his bed and falls listlessly onto the comforter he'd been cooing over earlier that day. If he's lucky it will smother him so he doesn't have to endure this self-made torture. Stupid hormones. Stupid Luhan. Somehow this is all his fault.

Thoughts of begging on hands and knees for Luhan to trade rooms with him dance in Sehun's mind as he falls asleep, his distracting roommate still (thankfully) absent. When Sehun wakes to the annoying buzzing of the alarm on his phone, his eyes are drawn to the other side of the room first. The bed is empty and he can't help but let out a sigh of relief, sitting up and running his hands over his face and through his hair in an attempt to actually wake up. He's rifling through a drawer for a shirt when the door opens and Jongin walks in, hair damp and sticking up in several directions. Sehun looks over at him with wide eyes, grabbing the first shirt he touches and forcing it over his head. The other boy merely glances his direction as he walks by.

"Good morning," Sehun says quietly, testing the waters.

"Morning," Jongin mumbles as he grabs his book bag and walks back out of the room, letting the door slam shut behind him.

Sehun shivers. Ice cold.

Out of all the places he could be and all the wonderful other things he could be doing after a long first day of classes, Sehun finds himself standing in front of Luhan's room, shuffling his weight from one foot to the other as he decides whether or not he wants to confront his so called friend. He can almost hear Luhan's chiding voice and it brings a frown to his face. It takes all of two steps away from the door for him to realize that it doesn't matter because Luhan is his best friend and asshole or not, he needs him right now. So he knocks, holding his breath and hoping for once the older man will be sympathetic to his plight. Ha!

"You're my best friend and you love me, so trade rooms with me," Sehun gets out all in one long rush as soon as Luhan's head peeks through the partially opened door.

Luhan swings his door open the rest of the way and Sehun sees another man in the room, sitting on his bed with a scowl on his face as he very nearly shoots lasers out of his eyes. "Sehun, this is my roommate, Wufan."


"Yeah," is all Luhan says before closing the door in his face. Some best friend.

Now Sehun is left with no other option except going back to his room, the very thought making his stomach drop because if he inserts his large foot in his mouth one more time he really thinks Jongin might punch him. But the room is empty and his body sags, flopping into the chair at his desk and basking in his good fortune before digging into the very first homework assignment of his college life. Jongin still isn't back long after the sun is down and Sehun feels guilty that he's been forced out of his room.

To say the following morning is better than the first would be a lie, but neither is it worse. It's precisely the same, Jongin walking in with his damp hair in disarray just long enough to grab his things and go as a forced greeting floats in the air between them. At least Sehun has his first dance class to look forward to later. His body is nearly buzzing with the excitement of dancing as he makes his way into the room, dropping his bag in the pile with everyone else's. A smile cracks across his face as he begins his stretches, knowing he can at least get out some of his tension by letting everything go because dancing is what he's best at. Luhan likes to tell him the only way he can communicate without being an idiot is through dance. He's probably right, but Sehun will never admit that.

He's standing back up, blood rushing to his head too fast when he sees Jongin stepping through the threshold of the door and dropping his bag in the same pile as his own and Sehun thinks he might just throw up. They lock eyes for a moment across the room before Sehun drops his face, a blush starting to infuse his cheeks and all plans for his wonderful class shatter into a million shards of misery. As it stands, they're at least on opposite sides of the studio when class starts and Sehun tries so very hard to pretend Jongin's not in the room, not sending dirty looks at him because he can feel the eyes on the side of his face.

It takes half of the class before Sehun slips into the practiced ease of flowing to the music, body moving more gracefully than he can ever manage normally. He's sweating and breathing hard and letting the adrenaline flow through his body as the work out begins to take its toll. He had been worried at the beginning that it would take a while for them to work up to dancing because most classes he took spent an entire week just on proper stretching first. But this is college and he's dancing and he can do this forever despite the burn in his calves and the sweat dripping down his neck. He even forgets about Jongin.

"You're amazing."

Sehun looks up from his sitting position and is faced with a crouched Jongin, far too close but not looking at him like he wants to kill him. "Th-thanks," Sehun manages to stutter out before Jongin gives a small smile and gets up to leave. Smooth. He'd return the compliment, but he hadn't watched Jongin, too focused on trying to not think about him. He swallows hard and stands on shaky legs, calling out to Jongin before he makes it out of the room. "Can we start over?"

"Again?" Jongin's face is anything but discouraging though and Sehun walks up to him, offering his own, genuine, smile.

"I'm Oh Sehun, roommate extraordinaire and first class fuck up."

"It's nice to finally meet you Oh Sehun. I'm Kim Jongin, forgiving and forgetting."

It's surprisingly easy to be around Jongin after the initial ice breaking, most of their conversations revolving around dance and the one math class they have together because that's comfortable territory. Sehun sometimes finds himself wanting to lean across the small space between them as they study equations that will never make sense and just press his nose in his hair or bite along his amazing jawline or lick his face because it's right there and taunting him with its very existence.

Sehun learns all kinds of wonderful things about Jongin, like how dancing is the only thing he's confident in himself about, he gets jittery and out of control on caffeine (learned that the hard way) and he hates socks that go above his ankles. He also sleeps topless, has a habit of laying his head on Sehun's shoulder when he doesn't want to study anymore and looks downright fuckable when he rolls out of bed first thing in the morning. There's absolutely nothing about Jongin that he learns that lessens his desire to get him between the sheets and it's positively maddening. If anything, he wants him more and it's getting decidedly hard to not wrestle him down and clamp his mouth on his tan stomach, or a location further south.

Sehun even braves introducing Jongin to Luhan after a few days when he decided to invade his best friend's table during lunch, tugging his roommate along for the journey. He's not sure if he likes the fact that they get along well or not because Luhan has this look in his eyes that scares the bejesus out of Sehun every time he opens his mouth. Honestly, though, it seems Luhan is probably doing it just to get a rise out of Sehun and it very nearly works a few times and he's left with Jongin staring at him in confusion and Luhan cackling.

Three weeks later and Sehun is positive he's been perma-friendzoned and he doesn't like it, but he doesn't know what to do about it either. It's not like he's going to just tell Jongin how delectable his skin looks and ask if he can give him a tongue bath. That would be rude. Or just creepy.

"Do you even know what team he plays for?" Luhan is semi-paying attention to him as he mumbles his distress and pokes his friend in the side for advice.

"Yes, the 'Let's Drive Sehun Crazy By Wearing Skinny Jeans' team."

"I'll take that as a no. Why don't you ask him if he's gay."

"Or not."

"You're never going to get anywhere whining like a baby."

Sehun lifts his head off the table, full pout on his lips. "I'm not whining."

"Like a baby."

"This isn't some stupid romance movie. I can't just ask and he'll suddenly declare his secret love for me and we live happily ever after."

"Of course it's not," Luhan starts, patting his head like a child. "This is real life and you're a hormonal teenage boy with a desperate urge to fuck - JONGIN! HI!"

Sehun nearly falls off the bench as Luhan's loud voice rings in his ear. "Fuck, Luhan," he complains, whacking the elder on the arm.

"Just the person I wanted to see." Luhan is grinning and Sehun decides now is a perfect time to stuff his face full of food because nothing that comes out of that demon's mouth will be good.

"Didn't realize I was in such high demand," Jongin replies with a smile and Sehun wants to sigh, but his mouth is stuffed.

"You have no idea." And Sehun slams the heel of his foot on Luhan's toes and he doesn't even flinch. Damnit. "So I'm curious. Do your sexual urges lean toward the traditional or are you more of an off the beaten path kind of guy?"

"Does a hair pulling fetish count as off the beaten path?"

Sehun feels his throat closing as inappropriate images flood his mind and he can't swallow the mouthful of water he'd just taken to wash down the dry bread of his sandwich. So he sits there with puffed out cheeks and a blush spreading down from the tips of his ears.

"While that's a juicy tidbit I'll be filing away for future blackmail, I meant in the broader sense."

"How broad?"

"Male or female?"

Jongin takes a moment to answer and Sehun looks up at him with poorly masked curiosity because he needs to know. "Consider my path thoroughly beaten."

And Sehun resists the urge to start doing back flips through the quad because that would be inappropriate. As would shoving Jongin down on the bench and laving his tongue across his tempting collar bones, sadly. So he settles for finally swallowing the water in his mouth and pretending like he doesn't care when Luhan pokes his cheek and Jongin laughs as Sehun bats his hand away.

"I'm going to seduce him."

Luhan chokes on the hot coffee in his mouth and Sehun smiles as some of it dribbles down the older man's chin. "You mean how you tried to seduce me a few years ago," he sputters after grabbing a napkin to wipe his face.

"Shut up. That was temporary insanity caused by the lack of a dating pool."

"Ouch." Luhan clutches his hands over his heart and leans to the side, eyes closed and mouth open. Sehun tries to flick his straw wrapper in and hits his best friend in the cheek instead. So close. "I still advise against your plan."

"All the more reason to go through with it."

"Sehun, my dear friend, you and subtlety don't play well together."

"I managed to get to third base with you."

"Technically second base. We were in swimming trunks and we were drunk and it was the worst handjob of my life. It's a damn good thing you're pretty."

"Why am I friends with you again?"

"My sparkling personality."

"Buy me another drink."

Step o1: Draw attention to your lips and mouth.

The mouth is a very sexual orifice, or so Sehun decides the next morning as he imagines Jongin's mouth wrapped around his dick because his lips look so tantalizing wrapped around that bottle of water. And if looking at his roommate's mouth can get him hard, then maybe he can draw attention to his own mouth and force Jongin into action. He seems like the dominating type. Now he just needs to find the proper way to make Jongin see his lips as the weapons of mass sexual attraction that they are. He thinks about asking Luhan for suggestions, but there's no way in hell he's telling that man. Knowing Luhan, he'd do everything to to fuck it up.

This procession of thought leads to Sehun deciding to eat a banana for lunch, making sure to peel it back carefully, elbows steady on the table as Luhan watches with mild interest and Jongin damn near ignores him, too busy texting someone on his stupid phone. He makes sure to clear his throat, loud and obnoxious just for Luhan, before leaning forward and wrapping his mouth over the top of the fruit and biting down with a low moan. A small victory celebration goes off in his head when Jongin's eyes flick up and linger for just for a fraction longer than they should on the scene he's laid out. The scene that's broken when Luhan starts outright laughing, hand slapping down on the table and face mouth wide open.

"What the hell?" Sehun demands, lifting a foot to kick at Luhan so he slides further down the bench and away from him after he's swallowed his food.

"I have never seen someone eat a banana like that. If you're gonna go for it, go for it." Luhan plucks the fruit from Sehun's hand and proceeds to take over half of it into his mouth, eyes glinting as he then bites and starts chewing with his mouth open. "So good."

Sehun take a final wistful look at Jongin, who is watching Luhan with amusement, before calling this a loss and heading back to his room to find another way to get Jongin to fixate on his lips.


The noise sounds wonderful and dirty, Sehun pulling the lollipop out of his mouth only to lick all the way around the sweet before sliding it back between his lips. It's peach, which isn't Sehun's flavor of choice, but it's the closest to skin tone he could find and it's not about the taste anyway. Jongin is sitting beside him on the bed, their legs crossed and knees touching every so often because the other man is bouncing his leg as they study. Except Sehun isn't focused on the book in his lap any more than Jongin is ignoring the slurp he just made to suck the excess saliva into his mouth and plunge the treat back in.

"Do you have another one of those?"

Sehun looks up at Jongin, lollipop halfway out of his mouth, and nods. He was planning on saving this one for later, but he'll take the sacrifice for Jongin. It's root beer flavored too. Shame.

"Thanks!" And now it's Sehun who's mind is a blank, eyes trained on the slick slide of the candy as it moves along one plump lip and disappears inside Jongin's mouth. Holy fuck. He has to scramble off the bed, book falling to the floor with a clatter. "Where're you going?"

"Shower," Sehun mumbles, grabbing random clothes and racing out the door. He has a raging boner coming on and despite the late hour, the showers aren't empty and he absolutely can not get off knowing there's random people around. So he spits his lollipop into the nearest trash can and turns the cold water on full blast. It's freezing and everything is yelling at him to recoil, but he jumps under the spray instead, letting out a pained whimper as the cold beats into his skin. He may have blue lips and little to no feeling in his extremities, but his dick isn't hard anymore and he doesn't think it will be for a while.

Laying in bed, small shivers still racing across his skin, Sehun buries himself in his comforter and tries to come up with a plan that won't bite him in the ass like the last two. This time he needs to go simple, something subtler maybe. Something not so easily turned on him. It's not until morning when he figures it out, watching Jongin with only his head sticking out of the top of his comforter as his roommate gets ready for his early class. Sehun steadfastly refuses to budge from his burrito of warmth, fear of the cold still vivid in his mind. So as he observes, he catches something he's been subjected to since day one that he's already familiar with and can usually not let effect him. Jongin's tongue darts out of his pretty mouth and runs across his bottom lip before returning.

Licking his lips! YES! He can do this.

He tests it later that day, Luhan nowhere around and Jongin all his as they walk to dance class together. Every time Jongin looks at him, Sehun makes it a point to lick his lips. And then he even ups it to holding his tongue between his lips like he's thinking because Jongin is just staring and it's making his frustrated little heart thrum faster. By lunch his lips are burning and chapped and he only hopes the skin holds together until he can get his hands on chapstick. This is turning into a terrible idea, but he can't give it up yet. Not when there's so much hope! So he invests in cherry flavored chapstick, running it across his lips - in front of Jongin of course - before popping them and snapping the cap back on.

A week later and he's sick of the taste of cherry and Jongin isn't responding anymore and it's all very disheartening. He's licking his lips without thinking about it now and ends up at the store for any flavor other than cherry. Sehun's slathering on orange chapstick after lunch, Luhan droning on across from him about some kid in his chem lab that rubs him the wrong way. Not even thinking about it, his tongue darts out and runs across his bottom lip and Luhan's hand slams down on the table.

"If you don't STOP that I'm going to sew your mouth shut."

Even Sehun has to agree this new habit is becoming an issue, paying far too much attention to not moving his tongue as he spaces out while reading. He's sitting in his desk chair that he's rolled near to his bed for easy flopping between the two when his butt cheeks start falling asleep. Managing to go an entire five minutes, Sehun gives an internal shout of accomplishment and grins, smearing more orange across his lips as a reward.

Suddenly, there are hands gripping the sides of his chair and Sehun looks up into the face of Jongin, leaning down until they're less than an inch apart.

"Is that orange chapstick?" Jongin asks as he inhales loudly.

"Y-yes?" Sehun gets out, fighting this hormone induced need to lean up and bite his friend's lower lip.

"You smell like a creamsicle."

And then he's gone, back on his side of the room with a bag of chips and a notebook filled with scribble. Now is the time for lamenting because he's giving up this lip licking business and moving on to something less dangerous to his precious skin and now Jongin decides to take interest.

addendum (a): Do not develop a habit of licking your lips
addendum (b): Do invest in chapstick

Step o2: Move your hips from side to side

As a dancer, one of the most important parts of his body is his hips - always on display and always moving and perfect for portraying sexual motions. So Sehun decides to sway Jongin with the power of his hips. His first opportunity arises when they begin learning choreography for a dance performance later in the month. Some of it is so easy he can do it in his sleep, but there is a tricky part that he can do, but fails every time anyway.

All it takes is a pout and a tug on Jongin's arm for his roommate to cave and stay after class to help. A few purposely screwed up moves later and Sehun is happy to report Jongin is now grabbing his hips in an attempt to guide him. What Sehun doesn't count on, however, is the object of his lusting pressing his front flush against his back to guide him through one particular step.

Sehun freezes and Jongin's fingers dig into his hips to force him to move again. This time, when he screws up, it's because Jongin's crotch is situated right on his ass and the warmth is about to drive him crazy. It's the most intense, nerve wrackingly wonderful two hours of his life and it leaves him sweating far more than normal and panting in exertion when Jongin is finally satisfied.

Sadly, Sehun isn't satisfied and it results in an immediate shower to take care of the results of Jongin's touches and breathing in his ear. He chalks this up to a bad idea as he jerks off with his forehead leaning against the cool tile and the warm water washing down his back. Jongin's gotten under his skin, burrowed into his mind and he's not letting go and Sehun's not entirely sure if he likes it or not.

"I think his ass might take offense at how hard you're staring at it." Luhan and Sehun are both watching as Jongin walks away from the table, skinny jeans hugging every curve and dip and plane.

"His ass was made to be stared at. Damn thing was sculpted by the ass Gods. Do you see those pants?"

Luhan reaches over and pats Sehun on the head before ruffling his hair, ripping the younger man out of his fantasy involving peeling those jeans off Jongin with his teeth. "I keep telling you how to get laid, but no, Sehunnie is too good to listen to his best friend."

"I'm sorry, were you saying something?" Sehun wrinkles his nose at Luhan and scoots out of his range so he stops screwing up his hair.

"Just reach deep down and channel that assertive bitch I know is in there."

"You and all your infinite wisdom can blow me."

"Well that's a bit melodramatic."

Sehun thumps Luhan in the ear when he leaves, delighting in the pained cry his friend lets out. He said he was going to seduce Jongin, and damnit he's going to do it his way and it's going to work. Which is why he's bouncing around the common room later that night, Jongin perched on the couch and Sehun listening to music on his mp3 player. He makes sure to keep his hips moving, sometimes in dulled down dance steps from their choreography and sometimes full on sashaying because he can feel his roommate's eyes on him.

He's bending over to check his food in the microwave, ass waggling and a permanent smile on his face. This just has to work. And when he feels hands gripping the sides of his hips, he really thinks he's gotten there. Sehun tugs one earbud out and turns to look at his assailant.

"You look like a house cat in heat."

Jongin walks off and Sehun wants to die, melt into a puddle of shame and drip down into the floorboards to suffer in eternal torment. Red faced and hiding behind his food, he makes a beeline for their room, deciding staying in is probably better than embarrassing himself further.

Luhan comes banging on their room door the next afternoon, cutting through the wonderful tension Sehun has managed to create with his awkwardness. He's on his feet in a moment, opening the door to see the frazzled looking man standing in front of him, hair in all kinds of chaos, face red and is that a hickey on his neck?

"Well you look thoroughly fucked," Sehun comments as Luhan pushes his way into the room and flops on his bed, one arm dramatically coming up to cover his eyes.

"In an attempt to prove sex isn't solely for reproductive purposes, I may or may not have fucked my lab partner into a table."

"Seriously?" Jongin squeaks, eyes wide and mouth open in disbelief.

"I want to bury myself in a hole and diiiiiiie," Luhan laments, rolling on to his side. Sehun sits next to him, running a hand up and down his back comfortingly as he ignores the clicking of Jongin's phone as he starts texting again. He feels bad for his friend, really, but it's nice to have someone to commiserate with now. Maybe Luhan will start being a little more sympathetic to his plight.

"Look on the bright side," Sehun offers.

"There's a bright side?"

"You got laid, asshole."

Luhan takes a moment to let it sink in before he rolls back over and sits up, practically in Sehun's lap. "You're right! And it was fucking amazing."

"Now I'm back to hating you," the younger man grumbles as he shoves his friend off his lap and subsequently off the bed, but Luhan doesn't really seem to care.

"What if he hates me?" And now Luhan's back to looking wide eyed and innocent and Sehun wants to shove a pen through his eye because it's not fair.

"Kyungsoo doesn't really believe that sex for reproduction shit," Jongin says from across the room, drawing both their attention because whaaat. "He just wanted to get in your pants."

It takes a minute or so, but then Luhan's hauling himself off the floor and heading to the door.

"Where are you going?"

"To pick another fight." And Sehun shudders at the gleam in his friend's eye.

"You know his lab partner?" he asks once Luhan is gone.

"Kyungsoo and I grew up together. He's been talking about his hot lab partner for weeks, but I didn't know it was Luhan."

"Is everyone in this school getting laid but me?"

"Maybe you should try harder."

Sehun stares at Jongin, mouth going dry. It's time for a change of tactics.

Step o3: Hyper awareness

With every brush of their fingers or innocent touch of their shoulders, Sehun feels a rush of electricity crackle under his skin and it drives him to distraction. He's so acutely aware of Jongin that it's starting to cut into his shower time because he's spending most of it with his fist around his cock. He gets so fidgety and jumpy that his eyes can't focus on his work because Jongin's decided to lean against his side as they study. With his amazing powers of on-the-spot thinking, Sehun decides that turn about is fair play. He rests his hand high on Jongin's thigh, tapping the denim clad skin with his fingers as he pretends to flip through his notes. It's not long before Jongin is pulling away, choosing to lay on the bed out of Sehun's reach. Victory. Kind of.

Before they go to sleep, Sehun makes it a point to skim his fingers across Jongin's bare back as he leans over him for the pen he'd 'accidentally' left on his bed. He deems this an interesting turn of events as he spies the goose bumps flourishing against the tan skin of his roommate when he mumbles something about being tired and crawls into bed without looking at Sehun once.

New amazing plan of action: touch Jongin as much as possible while not being obvious about it. Sehun takes to this new approach with vigor, accidentally running into Jongin on the way out of the room in the morning and grabbing the other man by the sides to keep his balance. He makes sure to press his fingers into his skin a little harder than necessary before letting go and walking passed him and to his first class of the day with a little extra bounce in his step.

When they sit to eat lunch, Luhan eyeing Sehun like he knows something's up but can't figure out what, he makes sure to sit close enough to Jongin to feel his body heat without touching. Sehun doesn't even get mad when Luhan recounts his tale of showing up at Kyungsoo's room with a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. Jongin keeps cringing and Sehun laughs, making sure to slap his hand down on Jongin's leg instead of his own every single time. Just when he thinks he's making progress, Jongin is up and walking away, Sehun tilting his head to watch his ass as he goes with a longing sigh and his cheeks turning a light pink.

"You really need to just jump him because I can't stand watching this awkward teenage mating ritual any longer."

"Lulu -"

"Don't call me that."

Sehun reaches over and thumps the small ponytail perched on top of his friend's head. "Don't wear your hair like that."

"It keeps it out of my face," he replies, moving Sehun's hand away with a pout.

"So cut it."

Luhan gives him a dirty look and Sehun chuckles and slides out of reach. One thing he's learned over the years is how sensitive Luhan is about his perfect hair. It's taken so many tries for him to get it the right shade of honey that Sehun thought it was all going to fall out before he attained perfection. And it's not like Sehun's one to talk because his hair is always falling in his eyes, but he kind of likes it like that. He thinks it adds a tinge of mystery to the enigma that is Oh Sehun.

"Kyungsoo likes my hair."

Sehun snorts and takes a healthy bite of his sandwich. "I'm sure he does."

Luhan throws his empty soda bottle and it smacks Sehun right on the forehead. "Son of a bitch!" Sehun throws it right back, but the younger misses and Luhan guffaws when he sits back up from his ducked position.

While he likes to think this whole touching thing is leading to progress, in reality it's not. There's nothing indicating Jongin likes him in any way other than a friend and after a solid week of no results, he's resorting to his last weapon. Footsie. He chooses to sit across from Jongin this time, letting his long legs stretch across the space under the table until they're directly between Jongin's. And the other man is, so far, oblivious. Luhan is, of course, relaying his wonderful time with his new boyfriend and all their erotic adventures.

"An abundance of sex does not a happy relationship make," Sehun grumbles, stealthily moving one foot to tap against Jongin's shoe. Jongin's eyes dart up to him for a second, but Sehun just continues eating like nothing's going on.

"Sure as hell doesn't hurt," Luhan quips, taking a swig of his sugar laced coffee.

"Fuck you," he mumbles, tapping his foot steadily against Jongin's now and ignoring the occasional glance in his direction. In his haste to avoid the hand coming to smack his head, Sehun's sandwich falls on the ground and he whines like a kicked puppy when he sees it splayed in the dirt.

Jongin peers down at the ruined food and shakes his head. "My condolences on your loss."

Sehun narrows his eyes at Luhan, because, yes, it is his fault. Then Jongin is leaning across the table, all smiles as he holds out his own sandwich. Sehun grins, moving up on his elbows enough to take a large bite and sit back, completely satisfied now. He thanks Jongin while chewing, not even caring if it's gross.

It's an impulse, his hand acting of its own accord instead of checking with his brain first because if it had, it would have screamed NO. Jongin is sitting at his desk, nose in a textbook and pen writing on the notebook propped on his leg. Sehun is heading out and maybe it's the way Jongin's hunched over and his hair is spilling forward into his face, or the way he keeps sweeping it up only for it to fall back, but Sehun reaches out and twists a finger around a strand on the side before tugging lightly.

Jongin nearly jumps out of his chair, round eyes turning to look at Sehun who is still surprised he did it at all. "What was that for?"

Sehun just gives a little shrug. "Curiosity." And he's out the door, mind whirring and his skin buzzing. A happy feeling invades his chest as he comes to terms with the fact he finally got a real, solid reaction from Jongin.

Step 04: When all else fails
(let fate take the wheel)

"Am I expected to make some kind of undying love confession because I feel like that's where this is headed." Sehun's head is in his best friend's lap as the older man runs his fingers through his hair while he mopes. It's been nine entire days since the hair pulling incident and Sehun finds himself at a loss. This isn't going according to plan.

"I only accept confessions on Wednesdays. They help get me through the week."

Sehun swats at him, barely brushing his chin as he chuckles. He can never tell if he's in a perpetual state of anger at his friend or he just can't stay angry at him. "I'm serious."

"Well. . . do you love him?"

Sehun ponders on this a moment. "No."

"But you can't stop thinking about him."

Sehun nods.

"And you want to fuck the hell out of him."

Sehun nods again.

"Do you just want to fuck him?"

This time Sehun shakes his head.

"Oh good. You're not just some hormonal crazed zealot."

"Luhaaaan," Sehun whines, huffing and crossing his arms as he aims a glare at his friend.

Luhan leans down until their noses are touching, making sure Sehun is paying close attention. "Ask. Him. Out. You. Complete. Moron."

"Your services have been rendered unnecessary," Sehun snaps back just before the door to the room opens. They both look over to see who Sehun assumes is Kyungsoo because Luhan is dropping him on the bed and damn near skipping toward the guy.

"Am I interrupting something?" he asks while studying Sehun intently.

"Only the downfall of Sehun's love life. Nothing important."

Sehun climbs off the bed and walks over to Luhan, cupping his face and squeezing it until he looks like a fish. "Useless!" And then he walks out, half shoving Kyungsoo into Luhan before shutting the door behind him.

Fully prepared for another night of tossing and turning, Sehun stumbles back into his room with a scowl on his face that quickly transforms into one of pure shock. Jongin is bent over, grabbing a shirt off the floor, offering a stunning view because not only is he wearing just a white towel, but there's still water beaded on his skin. "Fucking fuck," he breathes out just in time for Jongin to stand upright and turn to see him there, his own eyes round with surprise.

"Oh," he says, looking down at himself. "I'm so sorry," he mumbles, moving to leave the room, but Sehun reaches out with one arm and stops him with a firm grip.

His brain shuts down and the hormones take over, licking his lips as he stares right at Jongin's blushing face before he pushes him back into the room, foot kicking the door shut. The air feels staticy and hot between them, but that could be because Sehun's breathing in everything Jongin exhales.

"What are you doing?" Jongin whispers. Sehun's maneuvered him all the way to his desk, Jongin now leaning back and bracing himself against the edge with his hands.

"Do you have any idea how much I want you?"


Sehun stares intently into Jongin's dark eyes before balling both fists in his wet hair and forcing his head back so he can finally - finally­ - press their mouths together. Jongin lets out a low moan that Sehun swallows greedily, reveling in the feel of the lips against his. They're so soft, made to be kissed and nipped and worshipped and Sehun could do this all night if not for the pulsing blood in his ears and the feel of the rest of Jongin against him. It's Jongin that takes the kiss a step further, licking his way into Sehun's mouth insistently until their tongues curl together and Sehun lets out a moan of his own.

Jongin's arms are around his neck now, tugging him forward even more until their bodies are flush and Sehun can feel every muscle as it contracts, every rise and fall of his chest and the distinct outline of his dick pressing against his thigh. Sehun releases the hair in his fingers only to move his hands down and cup Jongin's towel covered ass, digging in and rolling their crotches together. Dizzy with desire, Sehun lets instinct drive his actions as he ruts against Jongin, the coarse fabric of his boxers kind of painful against his arousal, but this is Jongin he's with and he's been waiting for so long.

Their heated kiss breaks when Jongin runs his hand slowly down Sehun's back, skimming under his shirt before grabbing and lifting it up. The brief moment when they're disconnected allows Sehun to take in fresh air and see the aftermath of their short makeout session. Jongin is flushed and panting, hair tangled and lips shining and Sehun wants. He dives back in for another kiss, groaning when a hand dips between them and rubs against his dick through his jeans.

Wound so tight as it is, Sehun can't take much of the teasing before he's taking off his own pants, hastily popping open the button and shoving them down his thighs without bothering with the zipper. He has to kick off his shoes to get his pants all the way off, his socks dragging along with the pull of the denim. And now it's boxers versus towel, the only barrier between him and the perfection that is Jongin's bare skin. He skims his fingers along the skin just above the towel before making an attempt to pull it off, only to be stopped.

"How do you want me?" Jongin whispers against his lips.

About a quart of blood rushes straight to his already hard cock and Sehun can only think of one thing he wants to do right now. "Let me ride you."

Jongin lets out a moan and hooks two fingers in Sehun's boxers to yank them down, letting his towel drop off as he uses his strength to launch them off the desk and to the bed. Sehun falls on his back, Jongin crawling over him and his body is almost tingling with lust just from the small touches of Jongin's fingers against the inside of his thighs. His hips rise off the bed ever so slowly as a hand teases along his crack and he very nearly whines in impatience until he sees the completely blown look in Jongin's eyes.


Sehun nods, body feeling disconnected from his head as he shuffles a little further up the mattress to find the bottle hidden between the bed and wall. He very nearly tosses it at Jongin so he can get on with it already, but the other man seems to be in just as much of a hurry, the lid popped open and fingers coated in record time. As Jongin slips one finger inside Sehun's ass, he moves up so they're face to face, eyes locking when he lets out a dirty moan and his jaw goes slack.

This is his chance, the opportunity to do what he's been aching to do since the day Jongin walked in that door - touch. Sehun starts with his face, running thumbs across his jawline and underneath to his neck as Jongin stretches him open. Hips twitching for more, he feels another finger sliding in and he moves his hands down, fingertips dragging slowly down Jongin's chest, catching on ribs and dipping into the outline of defined abs. They settle on Jongin's hips, digging into his skin as his back arches from a particularly deep thrust that has heat rushing straight to the pit of his stomach. He thinks he utters some kind of variation of Jongin's name because there's a smile on his lips now and Sehun moves his hands to dig into the firm muscle of his perfect butt.

Three fingers inside his ass and Sehun is panting, rolling his hips down for more and whimpers spilling from his lips. He finally breaks eye contact with Jongin when he wraps one leg around his waist and uses his weight to roll them. Jongin's fingers pull out and Sehun shimmies back over his thighs, reaching for the bottle tossed aside earlier. As he lubes Jongin's cock, he's hit with a sudden fear. What if it's not as good as he's always imagined? What if Jongin isn't everything he's built him up to be? What if this ruins their friendship?

It takes one look at Jongin beneath him, breath coming in short bursts and bottom lip in his teeth, for Sehun to decide that right now, it doesn't fucking matter. Raising on his knees, he makes sure to keep his gaze on Jongin as he guides his cock to his entrance. Sehun sinks down slowly, one hand wrapped firmly around the base of Jongin's cock and the other gripping the comforter to hold himself steady. Jongin grabs his hips and pushes him down faster, all the air forced out of Sehun's lungs at the sudden feeling of being so full. Oh god it's been too long and Jongin feels so amazing inside him.

His ass is still throbbing a little from the pain, but his cock is pulsing with the need for release, prompting Sehun to roll his hips before he's entirely ready. The sound Jongin makes is fucking erotic and Sehun raises halfway and sinks back down, the pleasure now far greater than the discomfort and Jongin moans louder. A few more bounces like this and Jongin takes charge, his tanned hips thrusting up as he brings Sehun's ass back down sharply and he scrambles to keep up, hands reaching back to brace against Jongin's thighs as he pounds relentlessly into him. The pace is brutal and he knows there will be hip shaped bruises on his ass tomorrow, but Jongin is sending him into a pleasure induced euphoria he's never experienced before.

He hears his name fall from Jongin's lips as he moans and it spurs him on, rotating his hips like a good little dancing prodigy every time Jongin is buried to the hilt. The hands on his hips grip harder, fingertips digging in hard enough to bruise and Sehun cries out in pain as it sends another jolt straight to his cock. Jongin looks worried for a moment until Sehun moves one of his hands to rest on top of Jongin's and makes him squeeze again. "Oh fuck," Sehun nearly screams, spreading his legs further so Jongin can slide inside that much deeper.

Needing more, Sehun wraps his hand around his cock, squeezing the hot skin and making his muscles clench around Jongin as he starts pumping. He whines, head thrown back and body trembling from so much stimulation. It doesn't take long for it to hit, releasing all over Jongin and his hand as he tenses. Jongin growls when he comes a minute later, Sehun rocking his hips down as he milks him for everything he has.

Distinctly aware of how sore his arms and legs are now, Sehun slumps forward and allows Jongin to wrap his arms around his waist and pull him until he's laying on his chest. There's a sticky mess sandwiched between their bodies, but as it stands, he just can't manage to care. Jongin grabs his chin and tips his head up for an awkward kiss that makes Sehun smile. He can definitely get used to this.

It's with great reluctance that he slides off Jongin, rolling onto his back with a groan as he starts feeling every little pain pricking at him. Fuck, he's going to be so sore tomorrow. Jongin had better be prepared to be used as a crutch to haul his ass around. Also, he needs to wash his beloved comforter now that come is leaking onto it. He'll have to sleep in Jongin's bed tonight.

"That was . . . wow."

Sehun lets out a soft laugh. "Yeah, way better than I thought it would be."

"It's about time you made a move."

Sehun looks over at him with wide eyes. "What?" he croaks out. "What do you mean made a move? I've been trying to seduce you for weeks!"


Sehun gapes at him because seriously, how could he have missed every single thing he's done? "You can't tell me you didn't notice! The banana, the lollipop, for fuck's sake I pulled your hair."

"Your seduction skills suck."

All it takes is one push to roll Jongin off the bed.

A/N: This is in celebration of 25k on Nano, which means I'm starting to write fic for every 5k I hit and that's going to be problematic soon.

Also, even though I may not respond to every comment posted, it doesn't mean I don't read them. I'm an awkward turtle with no social skills and no online friends in this fandom. So please don't let that discourage you because I enjoy them immensely.
Tags: group: exo, length: short, pairing: kai/sehun, rating: nc-17
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