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[Fic] So Caught Up In You

Title: So Caught Up In You [Oneshot]
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Kai/Sehun
Length:: 6500w
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys.
Summary: High School AU! Jongin tells himself there's nothing special about Sehun, but he's always been a bad liar.

graphic by sekaih @ tumblr

There's nothing that makes this day any more special than the rest, the sun hidden behind clouds and the stirrings of autumn creating a chill in the air. Jongin shivers in his jacket, shoulders hunched in an attempt to stave off the cold as he walks to school. His backpack is trying to slide down his arm and he keeps bouncing to move it back haphazardly. It's not working very well, but he's determined to not pull his hands out of his pockets. He spies the silhouettes in the distance and picks up his pace because he's probably late - again. When he makes it to the trio, he watches wordlessly as Kyungsoo passes folded bills to Chanyeol with a heavy sigh while the taller man beams.

Jongin shuffles closer to Joonmyun, hoping to soak up some of his body heat. "Where's Baek?" The older man shrugs and Jongin takes the opportunity to huddle closer, Joonmyun now wrapping an arm around his waist to pull him in. Jongin gives a content sigh and breathes warm air into his hands. It's going to be so weird next year when Joonmyun and Baekhyun leave for college. He'll have to cuddle with Chanyeol because Kyungsoo retains as much body heat as he does. None.

"Sorry I'm late," Baekhyun puffs and everyone's eyes turn to him. But Jongin's gaze falls on the poor bastard Baekhyun seems to be pulling along. "Guys, this is my cousin, Sehun." No one says a word, taking in the lanky boy as he stares back just as intently. "Yeah, he had his emotions ripped out his ass as a kid." Baekhyun elbows him in the side.

Sehun gives them all a resoundingly flat, "Hi," which results in Chanyeol giving him a hearty slap on the back in welcome. The kid doesn't even flinch.

"And why is your cousin here?"

"He's living at my house. Parentals are going through pre-separation anxiety or something." That would definitely explain it. Baekhyun still has most of his senior year to go before he leaves for college, but his parents are already freaking out. Looks like they signed up for the Baekhyun replacement plan. Results may vary.

Baekhyun continues to babble, like usual, and Jongin tunes him out, casting glances over at Sehun as they all start walking toward the school a few blocks away. His eyes are droopy and his skin is pasty and his jeans accentuate the small ass he does have, which is definitely not something Jongin focuses on.

Sehun ends up in Jongin's physical education class, wearing some of Kyungsoo's extra gym clothes that are just small enough to show slivers of amazingly pale skin when his arms raise above his shoulders. Not that Jongin notices. He's still trying to figure out how so little skin can hold together so much bone. Although gangly as he is, the kid's quick on his feet and for once Jongin has to put in an effort to not lose during their warm up sprints.

As luck would have it, Sehun also ends up in Jongin's history class. He's put in the one empty seat in the back row - the seat that just so happens to be right next to Jongin. If anything was going to guarantee him paying less attention in class, this is it. He takes the time to break down Sehun's disinterested face, from the shape of his head to the errant freckles scattered across his skin. Jongin deduces that his eyes are too small and his nose is too big, but his lips - his lips are perfect. And every day after, sitting in his seat next to Sehun, he comes to the conclusion that his lips really are perfect.

Jongin tells himself there's nothing special about Sehun, but he's always been a bad liar. The low simmering of an attraction has already crawled under his skin.

A high school cafeteria is a vicious place and it will eat you alive if you let it. That's why their little group of five - now six - always sit at their own table, attempting to huddle away from the crowd of restless teenage angst and hormones. Jongin is stabbing at his food blindly while pointedly not looking in Sehun's direction. Suddenly, Joonmyun's shoulder bumps against his and he finally looks up and over at his smiling friend.

"What do you think?"

"What do I think about what?"

"Sleepover. My house. Weekend after next." A sleepover at Joonmyun's house always means his parents are out of town and they're bound to pick the lock on the liquor cabinet in his dad's office. It's never a dull gathering.

"Yeah, ok."

"Maybe we can even force a reaction out of Sehun if we get enough alcohol in him," Baekhyun teases and Sehun just glances at him like he doesn't care.

"Please," Chanyeol scoffs. "I bet I can get a reaction out of him before then."

"And I say I can do it before you," Kyungsoo challenges.

"The first person to make Sehun show a real emotion wins," Baekhyun announces.

"Wins what?"

"What do you want?" Baekhyun leans forward and Kyungsoo's white cheeks turn a wonderful shade of pink.

Chanyeol's the first one to give it a go, all of them clustered together by the lunch line as they wait for Kyungsoo to pay for what passes as food. With a not so subtle grin, Chanyeol walks up behind Sehun and hooks his fingers in the sides of his pants before jerking them down. The entire cafeteria is witness to the black boxer briefs left clinging to Sehun's so very boney - and milky - legs. The victim merely hands his tray off to Baekhyun and bends down, offering Jongin a near perfect view of his ass before dragging his jeans up and taking his food back amidst the cat calls and wolf whistles. And he doesn't even blink.

Baekhyun's attempt is more subtle, albeit grating on Jongin's last nerve. It was cute the first few times, but now it's just obnoxious. He's taken to mocking Sehun's lisp, making sure to use as many s words as possible. Maybe it's because Sehun doesn't speak much, or he deliberately doesn't try to use words that bring out his small speech impediment, but Jongin doesn't mind Sehun's lisp in the least. It turns around to bite Baekhyun in the ass because he did it so often, he kept accidentally doing it when he was at home and his mother finally caught on. All the next day, every time Baekhyun lets it slip, he curses under his breath, but Sehun never takes the bait.

It takes Jongin a good minute and a half to comes to terms with the fact that Sehun is wearing a skintight tank-top complete with glittery skirt during gym. It's another forty five seconds before he makes the connection with Kyungsoo and that's only because said boy is about to die from holding in his laughter. Sehun gets called over by the teacher who's looking at him like he's lost his mind, demanding to know the purpose of his outfit. "Laundry day," is his response and Jongin smiles from ear to ear. And he spends the entire rest of class trying to not be obvious about the half-mast erection threatening to poke through his gym shorts because that's not something he should get off on.

Joonmyun looks smug, or at least as smug as he can with flushed cheeks and glazed over eyes as Sehun takes his shot. All effort Jongin makes to not watch Sehun's adam's apple bob as he swallows fail and it makes his mouth water a little. This kid is good, not even swaying as he turns the small glass upside-down and slams it on the coffee table.

"Well fuck," Joonmyun mumbles, enticing a litany of giggles from Baekhyun and Kyungsoo who are now falling over onto each other. Lightweights.

Jongin scoots closer to his friend, resting his chin on his shoulder and rubbing his back in what he deems a sympathetic way. Joonmyun gives him a sloppy smile and goes to pour another round for the three of them that are able to sit up. Kyungsoo and Baekhyun are still attempting to sort out their limbs so they can sit upright and Chanyeol disappeared into the bathroom twenty minutes ago. Eyeing the sloshing alcohol in the shotglass slid his way, Jongin wonders if he can even take another one without ending up like the other two. It's a short moment of thought because Joonmyun is downing his in one gulp and Jongin instinctively does the same, letting it trail down his throat like water because the burn stopped about three shots ago. He's getting better at this.

And suddenly there's a Kyungsoo face directly between his and Joonmyun's and Jongin nearly falls backward from the sudden invasion. "Are you two gonna kiss?" he slurs, shit eating grin on his mouth and Jongin shoves him onto the floor again. They will never let him live down the time he confessed to having a crush on Joonmyun even though it was almost two years ago. Sadly, Jongin has to admit he's had a crush on all of his friends at one point, but he steadfastly claims the ten minutes he liked Chanyeol was a freak accident brought on by bad milk.

Kyungsoo whines from his position on the floor and Baekhyun half crawls over, still giggling and manages to fall on him instead of help him up. "I can't move," Kyungsoo grumbles, trying to roll but Baekhyun's head is in his crotch and not moving. "Moooove." Jongin raises his eyebrows and Kyungsoo looks at him in confusion before he registers that Baekhyun's face is in his crotch. "Nevermind," he mumbles and lets his head fall onto the carpet, eyes slipping closed. It takes all of four seconds for the three of them at the coffee table to whip out their cellphones and take a picture. This will be on the internet tomorrow.

Another shot is pushed his way and he shakes his head no, which is a mistake because now there are two Sehuns and he's only prepared to deal with one at a time. Joonmyun scoffs at him and he tries to glare back but only manages to blink a few times instead. A very audible crash from the direction of the bathroom has Joonmyun on his feet in a split second, nearly toppling over from the speed and hindered motor functionality. He stumbles his way out of the room and Jongin lets his fuzzy gaze settle on the only one of them left. Sehun's tongue darts out of his perfect mouth to lick across his perfect lips and drunk Jongin thinks it would be fantastic to lick them too, but he leans over too far and manages to faceplant in the carpet. Deeming this position comfortable, he just stays, sprawling the rest of his inebriated body on the floor until he falls asleep.

Being the nice person that he is, Jongin lets Sehun pass him during their end of class sprints. It's probably an obvious reason to blatantly stare at his ass in those cloth shorts, but he doesn't really care because it's a well shaped ass. So he graciously takes second place, standing off to the side to catch his breath as the rest of the class rushes to not be last. They'd been informed at the start that the last two to cross the finish line (the coach's foot) would have to stay after to pull out the bleachers for the pep rally that night, cutting into their precious lunch time.

"Excellent job! And in the spirit of teaching you about the real world, our winners are on bleacher duty."


Jongin's chest is still heaving as he breathes through his mouth and he looks over at an equally out of breath Sehun covered in just enough sweat to draw his attention down to his collar bones. Oh boy. He pries his eyes away and stretches his arms over his head before going over to the first set of bleachers as the rest of the class filters into the locker room, followed by the teacher. They work in silence, pulling out set after set until all the bleachers are in their folded out and upright positions. Jongin shuffles into the locker room behind Sehun, again staring at his ass because it's not supposed to be that attractive when it's barely there at all.

"I guess it's your turn seeing as everyone else has tried."

Jongin turns to look at Sehun, hand falling from his locker before he can even open it. He'd never been in on the bet, but if he has an opening to do something brash, he's going to take it. "Is this you giving me permission?"

"Give it your best shot." Sehun's eyes are challenging and that's all Jongin needs.

Reaching out, he grabs the front of Sehun's shirt and tugs him forward, using his other hand to cup the back of his neck and press their lips together. He hears a sharp intake of breath as he sandwiches that perfect bottom lip between his own. Sehun is surprisingly warm and even more surprisingly, not pulling away although that last bit could be attributed to shock. If Jongin thinks kissing Sehun is great, Sehun kissing back is a thousand times better, an eager tongue poking its way into his mouth. He swallows down a moan as he curls his tongue around Sehun's and lets go of his shirt to slide his arm around his waist and pull him in more. Sehun tilts his head to the right and Jongin kisses him deeper as his body floods with want. It's with great reluctance that he pulls away, taking pride in the complete range of emotion all over Sehun's flushed face. Oh how he wishes his phone wasn't in his locker right now.

Sehun's mouth is a darker shade of pink and covered in Jongin's saliva and it sends a jolt of possessiveness straight to his gut. Jongin is still staring at Sehun's mouth, running a thumb across his bottom lip as he speaks. "I won't tell if you won't tell." Only then do his eyes flicker up, Sehun giving him a small nod of agreement.

They dress in silence, keeping their backs turned to each other because neither of them seem to know what comes next. Sehun's on his way out and Jongin rushes over to grab his wrist. "Wait," he breathes out and Sehun turns to look at him, eyes wider than he's ever seen them before. "We should do something this weekend."

Jongin rocks back and forth on the balls of his feet, hands shoved deep in his jacket pockets as he waits at the corner. Sehun should be rounding and coming into view any minute and he's managed to work himself up into a nervous frenzy. Upon seeing Sehun, most of it melts away and he grins. He waits for him to get all the way to where he's standing before grabbing his hand and tugging him along. Sehun doesn't even ask where they're going, letting Jongin guide him around to the back of his house and into the trees behind it. Jongin stops them in front of a very large and very old tree, looking up at the treehouse perched on the lower limbs.

"Follow me," he says with a grin although it's not like Sehun has much choice because Jongin hasn't let go of his hand yet.

Jongin climbs up first, ducking low to fit inside the house made for 6 year olds with Sehun right behind him. Shuffling all the way to one side, Jongin turns and plants his ass on the threadbare blanket spread across the bottom as he waits for his guest to do the same.

"Do the other guys know about this?" Sehun asks as he sits facing Jongin.

"Are you kidding? They'd never let me live it down."

"So why show me?"

"Maybe because I have leverage on you? Maybe because I like you?"

And right now, Sehun's face looks so expectant, like he's just waiting for Jongin to rush forward and kiss him, so Jongin decides not to. He sits there, staring at Sehun watching him and it makes his heart speed up because Sehun wants this too.

"The five of us used to play up here all the time," he says a minute later, pulling his eyes off Sehun to look around the dirty building. "One day Kyungsoo tried to convince us he could fly and he jumped off. Idiot broke his arm in two places. After that, we weren't allowed to come up here anymore. I thought my dad was going to tear it down, but he probably forgot."

"And it's still structurally sound?" Sehun pipes in, suddenly looking around at the old wooden beams like they're about to break and send him plummeting to his untimely demise.

"Of course!" Jongin says with a proud grin. "I've been keeping up on repairs."

"That's reassuring," Sehun mumbles, still not buying it. A moment later and it's mostly forgotten as Sehun pulls a dusty box from the corner. "What's this?" He opens the box without waiting for an answer and Jongin just closes his mouth because there's nothing left to say. "Oh!"

Jongin watches with mild fascination as Sehun pulls out his old action figures, digging around with a smile on his face. He pushes the box to the side and uncrosses his legs so he has space before he actually starts playing with them. The first time Sehun makes a sound effect to go along with the battle between two already battered pieces of discolored plastic, Jongin snaps. He's across the floor, tossing the figures to the side as he kisses Sehun hard. Neither of them waste much time with niceties, going right for the tongue curling, teeth gnashing kisses that are bound to leave one of them with a busted lip.

Jongin drags Sehun down enough to push him flat onto the floor with his weight resting on top of him. Sehun is now pressing against his chest with his hands for Jongin to stop kissing him, so he pulls away, confused until Sehun digs a small plastic case out of his coat pocket. It should probably gross him out as he watches Sehun pop out his retainer and put it away, but it's one less obstacle between him and the warmth of his perfect mouth. "Ok," Sehun breathes and Jongin dives back in with enthusiasm. Kissing Sehun is quickly climbing the ladder of his most favorite things to do, warm and wet and already starting to coax his body into wanting more. It doesn't even matter that it's cold outside and his nose is numb because Sehun is hot and his kisses are searing.

Minutes - hours? - later and Sehun's hands are under his shirt, leaving trails of goosebumps down his skin as the pads of his fingers tease across his sides. Jongin moans into the other boy's mouth, hips shifting forward enough to make Sehun clench his thighs around him. Both of them startle, pulling away quickly when the phone in Sehun's pocket starts vibrating. Jongin crawls off him and lets Sehun sit up to catch his breath before answering.

"I have to go," Sehun tells him as soon as he hangs up, the regret evident in his voice.

A pang of disappointment races through his chest, but he nods, following Sehun out of the treehouse. Once they're on the ground, he reaches over and helps fix Sehun's hair before the other boy leans in and kisses him lightly. "Thanks." And Jongin wants to stop him from leaving, hold him and kiss him until he drowns in SehunSehunSehun.

"Wait," he calls and Sehun turns around. "I don't have your number." Jongin attributes his shaking hand to the cold as he enters his number and slides the phone back in his pocket. "We probably shouldn't tell the others," Jongin adds as an after thought. "Baekhyun would kill me."

Sehun laughs and it brightens his entire face and Jongin forgets to breathe. "You're probably right. Good night, Jongin." Hours after Sehun is gone, Jongin still has a smile plastered on his face.

Sehun texts the following day to ask if he can come over and Jongin erases the 'hell yes' in favor of a more subtle 'sure'. They sit on the couch and play video games while his parents are home, Jongin's knee bouncing in the anticipation of them leaving so he can have Sehun to himself. As soon as the door is shut, Jongin finds himself on his back, Sehun hovering over him just before he descends for a kiss. Their controllers lay abandoned on the floor, the music of a failed level ringing in the background as they kiss again and again. He balls his fingers in Sehun's hair, groaning when a thigh slides between his own.

Hands find bare skin, touching and teasing but never anything more because his parents could be home at any time. It's maddening, having Sehun but not being able to have him. He wants to strip him, worship him with his tongue and peel away his apathetic exterior until he's a writhing mess, begging for more. There must be something very wrong with him, Jongin reasons, when the pain of Sehun's boney hip grinding against his own is pleasurable. Sehun's hand wanders below the waistband of Jongin's pants just before his parents get home, forcing a groan out of them both as they rush to pick up their controllers and act like they'd been playing the entire time.

Jongin's starting to think Sehun staying for dinner was a really bad idea because he can't chew and handle the foot halfway up his thigh at the same time. Damn Sehun and his impassive face, smiling politely while his mother makes small talk as Jongin attempts to not moan because there are toes teasing his crotch. He shoots Sehun a dirty look as he shoves food in his mouth too fast. He coughs half of it out and his father scolds his poor table manners and apologizes to Sehun on his behalf. Oh if only they knew.

The sting of a cold breeze has Jongin shivering, but he endures, determined to keep his hand locked with Sehun's as he walks him home - or at least half way so Baekhyun doesn't murder him in his sleep. They shuffle along at a slow pace, kicking at the stones and sticks on the sidewalk as they go.

"Penny for your thoughts," Sehun asks, breaking the silence and pulling Jongin's eyes off the cracks in the cement.

He wonders for a moment if he should answer honestly or just smile and shrug, but he really wants to see what kind of reaction he'll get, so he goes with the truth. "I want to keep you."

Sehun stops walking, eyes wide and a blush starting to fill his usually pale cheeks. Jongin likes that very much. He takes the one step toward him, hand resting on the nape of his neck as he leans in. His cold nose runs across Sehun's jaw slowly before he plants soft kisses on the smooth skin of his neck. He feels Sehun swallow before he tips his head and kisses Jongin almost frantically. Sehun's warm breath puffs against his cheek and their linked hands squeeze tighter as they stand in the dark, somewhere between want and need holding them together.

The moment is broken by the headlights of a car passing by and Sehun still looks flushed when they jump apart. Jongin laughs and takes his hand again, tugging Sehun forward so he doesn't stay out too long and catch a cold. He says goodnight with a kiss and watches until Sehun is out of sight before returning home.

It's exceptionally hard to not greet Sehun with a kiss Monday morning, settling for a small smile that isn't returned because Sehun is back to being unreadable in front of everyone. He texts Sehun at the end of first period and they meet in the bathroom between classes. Jongin drags him into a stall, barely getting it locked before their lips come together. It's an all too brief impromptu makeout session that ends with Sehun groping Jongin's ass and the latter licking a stripe up his face in retaliation. Sehun's nose scrunches cutely and Jongin wants to push him back into the stall, but they're going to be late if they don't leave now.

Waving Kyungsoo away with a motion that looks far more nonchalant than he feels, Jongin turns to Sehun as soon as the other boy is out and the room is empty. He wastes no time attaching his mouth to Sehun's, a low moan echoing in the locker room as hands dig into his hips. They are most assuredly going to be late for lunch or even miss it altogether because Sehun has his hands up Jongin's shirt and is dragging blunt nails down his ribs. He wants to kill someone when they're interrupted, jumping apart just in time for the teacher to walk in and give them questioning looks.

"And that's why we call him Mr Squinty."

Jongin plops down next to Joonmyun, smiling wide and hitting his friend playfully on the back. "Are we naming your dick again?"

"Not all of us have this sick need to name our body parts," the older boy comments.

"I don't name all my body parts," Jongin says with a sly smirk. "Just the important one."

"Jongin named his penis?" Kyungsoo pipes in, eyes wide and mouth agape. Chanyeol reaches over and snaps his jaw closed with a finger under his chin.

"Don't do that, Soo. It's like an invitation."

"What did you name it?" And this time Chanyeol clamps a large hand over Kyungsoo's mouth to stop him from talking.

"God." Jongin winks and Kyungsoo turns bright red. "Oh, fries." Reaching across the table, Jongin steals several of the grease soaked fries off Sehun's tray and pops them in his mouth. He does not miss the way the tips of the boy's ears have gone red either and he just grins at him.

"Why are you eating Sehun's food?" Baekhyun questions, eyes darting between the two suspiciously.

"Because he doesn't whine like a bitch the way you do." Baekhyun slaps Jongin's arm with a scowl. "He doesn't slap like a bitch either."

Three weeks worth of stolen kisses in bathrooms and an empty locker room and Jongin thinks he's going to go mad with impatience. Baekhyun is an insufferable cockblock, managing to keep Sehun occupied on the weekends and any other spare time he may have in between. Kyungsoo solves the problem before Jongin has to lift a finger, inviting Baekhyun to spend Saturday night at his place. And judging by his erratic behavior, Jongin suspects not-so-innocent intentions on Kyungsoo's part. Good boy.

The plan was to camp out in the treehouse, but they're bundled under three blankets, fully clothed and still freezing. It's hard to makeout when you can't feel your lips. Jongin hates that it's not working and it's with great sorrow that he packs everything up and tosses it down in preparation to stay inside tonight.

Unwilling to let the evening fall into ruin, he convinces Sehun to build a blanket fort with him. They shed their coats and go through the house to find every available blanket and pillow they can, hauling it all back to Jongin's room. Using the bed and two chairs, they make a decent looking fort, all the while smiling and laughing when their heads bump together. Their construction is halted a few times for kisses that seem to end up a lot heavier than intended, not that he's complaining.

"Fort Jongin!" he declares once it's finished. Sehun attempts to crawl inside, but Jongin stops him with a hand on his chest. "This fort has a no pants rule."

Sehun chucks off his pants and climbs inside with no shame, Jongin watching his ass until it disappears behind the blanket serving as a door. Taking his own jeans off, he clambers in after with an evil grin. Five minutes later a no shirt rule is instituted. And after that it takes another seven minutes before Fort Jongin is dubbed a clothing free zone.

Jongin's head falls back and misses the pillow, landing with a dull thud that makes Sehun giggle around the dick in his mouth. There's a smart ass remark that dies in his throat when Sehun's lips squeeze around his cock and slowly move across his heated skin. A low groan takes its place, hopefully muffled by the layers of blankets around them because his parents are still at home. He's quickly starting to come to the conclusion that Sehun's tongue is just as perfect as his lips, lapping around the head of his cock like it's a goddamn lollipop. A garbled mess of what used to be curse words tumble from his mouth when Sehun envelopes his entire length again and the tip of his dick hits his throat. It takes three bobs of his head for Jongin to blow his load in Sehun's mouth, unable to warn him because it came on so fast.

Sehun crawls up and settles on top of Jongin, cock pressing into his stomach because he still hasn't gotten off. "That was a dick move," he says before kissing Jongin thoroughly. And he lets him, not entirely enjoying the salty taste of himself, but it's still kinda hot because it's Sehun's mouth. He grabs slender hips and flips them, hovering over Sehun as he runs a hand down his chest, teasing along his sides before wrapping his fingers around his hard dick. Sehun moans, bottom lip in his teeth as his head falls back, but he doesn't miss the pillow.

Sehun is beautiful in all the wrong ways and ugly in all the right ways. Jongin can't stop staring, watching as he makes him unravel beneath him, flicking his thumb across the head of his cock before pressing down on the slit. Hissing, Sehun lifts his hips and damn near begs Jongin with just his eyes, spurring him to tug faster as his strokes become slicker with every swipe over his precome leaking tip. Jongin makes a tight ring with his fingers and lets Sehun fuck himself in and out of it as he likes. There are red splotches spreading across his pale chest, drawing Jongin's focus down to the expanse of his torso that he's sadly left untouched. Next time.

Sehun whimpers Jongin's name when he comes, hips stuttering and mouth falling open. Jongin pumps him through it until he feels Sehun's thighs twitching and his breathing hitch. Darting out of the fort and into the colder temperature of his room, Jongin grabs his phone before diving back in to take a picture of a wrecked Sehun. He gets a punch in the chest for it, but there's no real strength behind it because Sehun is still in the recovery stage of his orgasm.

"There's come on your phone."

Jongin decides he wants to take Sehun on a proper date the next weekend which is the only reason why he's outside in the freezing fucking cold, raking the leaves in the backyard. He's grumbling under his breath as Sehun watches in amusement, lounging in one of the many large piles he's already made. Which of course only spreads them out more, but it's Sehun and he can't be mad at him. He deems it time for a break when he can't feel his fingertips and a blister threatens to burst on the palm of his hand. Dragging himself over to Sehun, he lets himself be pulled down for a sweet kiss that's broken when Jongin shoves his hands under Sehun's clothes and puts them against the warm skin of his stomach.

"Fuck you, Jongin! That's cold!" Sehun yells from the unprovoked attack.

"But you're so warm," he mumbles, already planting placating kisses on the side of his neck as an apology.

"If you don't hurry up, we're not going to make the movie."

One grumbled acquiescence and a toe curling kiss later and he's back up, rake in hand and a scowl on his face. Oh the things he does in the name of hormones.

With a thicker wallet and bandaids on both his palms, Jongin and Sehun climb onto the bus. They choose a seat near the back and Jongin is content with just studying Sehun's profile, but the latter is clearly bored. It starts with a soft kick to the side of his shoe and Jongin responds with a nudge back. Which provokes Sehun into kicking again, this time a little harder and Jongin just has to retaliate. They go back and forth, each kick a little harder and despite the pain in his ankle, Jongin is laughing out loud along with Sehun as their feet shuffle across the grainy bus floor. They've drawn the attention of the few other people on board, but neither of them seem to care.

Twenty minutes into the movie, Jongin wonders why he even bothered. He has a lap full of Sehun, butter slicked lips sliding together as Jongin tries to hunch down in his seat to avoid attracting attention. Ok, the popcorn was totally worth it. Jongin finds himself enjoying the random moments Sehun chooses to place a kernel between his lips so he can lean in and snatch it with his tongue, munching with a satisfied grin on his face. Jongin feels like the luckiest bastard in the world right now.

The bus ride home is less energetic, Sehun content to lean his head on Jongin's shoulder as he plays with his hand. Being the ass he is, Sehun will occasionally thump the hello kitty bandaid covering his busted blister and Jongin will jerk his hand away with a pout, only to have Sehun grab it and start all over again. And he doesn't even put up a fight. Their stop comes along a lot faster than Jongin hoped and he tugs a sluggish Sehun up from his seat and out into the cold night air. It serves to wake them both up enough to head off in the direction of Sehun's house.

"Come over tomorrow?" Sehun asks and he looks unsure of himself. Jongin leans in and pinches his cheeks as Sehun tries to swat his hands away. "Asshole."

"Baekhyun going to be there?"


"I'll be there with bells on."

They spend the morning gluing Baekhyun's precious possessions to his desk in the same place they were before. It's time for a little payback for stealing Sehun away from him and for being stupid enough to invite Chanyeol to the sleepover at Kyungsoo's last weekend. Jongin had to spend his entire Monday evening with a moping Kyungsoo because his plans, that he refused to share by the way, were ruined. After that, he vowed to never touch chocolate ice cream again, curled up in bed most of the night with a sugar induced stomach ache.

Step two of their revenge involves Baekhyun's bed and it's Jongin's favorite part. Sehun's laid out on the comforter, cheeks flushed and chest rising and falling quickly as Jongin showers kisses down the bare skin of his neck. He looks so beautiful like this, every emotion written across his face for Jongin to study and memorize. There's no mask of indifference, no barriers and Jongin wants to keep him this way, untouched by anyone else and all his. The possessiveness he feels over Sehun only strengthens daily.

They move higher on the bed, Jongin helping Sehun scoot until they fall back and manage to knock Baekhyun's pillow onto the floor in their eagerness because they refused to part lips the entire way. Jongin's head settles on something that's not a blanket and he untangles himself from Sehun long enough to investigate. Plucking the photos off the bed and flipping them over to examine them, Jongin lets out a gag and Sehun groans in disgust.

"There goes my boner," Jongin mumbles and Sehun is quick to agree.

Baekhyun has pictures of a naked Kyungsoo under his pillow and that's not what either of them wanted to see. Ever. Questions of how and when and why skim through Jongin's mind for a brief moment before he realizes he doesn't care because they've successfully ruined what could have been a fabulous afternoon.

"Let's get out of here," Sehun suggests and this time it's Jongin nodding and following.

It's still too cold for Jongin's liking, but he finds he doesn't mind it so much when Sehun looks so happy. They're at the park, Jongin staring up at Sehun who is splayed out across the monkey bars with his arms dangling down. Every now and then Jongin will grab one and try to coax Sehun down playfully because he needs body heat. Sehun just tells him to climb up if he's that cold.

"Why do you do it?" Jongin is pressing the palm of Sehun's hand against his frozen face.

"Do what?"

"Act like you do. Around the others, I mean."

"It's far too entertaining."

Jongin laughs and smacks the back of Sehun's hand teasingly before wrapping his fingers around his small wrist and tugging. "Come play with me." And this time Sehun does and Jongin thinks this is perfect.

Jongin is trying to respond to the dirty text Sehun sent him from across the table during lunch, but Baekhyun keeps stabbing his thigh with his plastic fork. He grunts and tries to slide out of range, but Baekhyun only follows so he finally looks up out of annoyance.

"Sehun's been sneaking off lately."

Jongin snorts and turns back to his text, wondering how he's supposed to think dirty enough with Baekhyun so close. His aura is cockblocking now.

"I'm right here," Sehun replies in a steady voice, eyes flickering to his cousin before he returns his attention to his food. But Baekhyun keeps prodding at Jongin.

"You weren't at home last night."

"Is there a question in there?" Jongin asks, wondering if it's too early in their relationship to bring up sex toys because this text is in need of some handcuffs.

"Where were you last night?"

"Last night . . . last night. Oh! I was sucking Sehun off in my treehouse."

Kyungsoo pushes his tray of food away the same time Chanyeol chokes on his milk. Anticipating the backlash, Jongin is out of his seat by the time Baekhyun lunges for him, landing on Joonmyun instead. Jongin makes his way to the other side of the table while Joonmyun holds Baekhyun down and hauls Sehun up. Hooking an arm around his neck, he drags him in for a sloppy kiss that leaves Sehun laughing because Baekhyun is now yelling death threats from Joonmyun's lap.

Yep. Perfect.


A/N: I know, another Sekai, but they're my OTP and I have feels. ;_;
Tags: group: exo, length: short, pairing: kai/sehun, rating: nc-17
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