thesockmonster (thesockmonster) wrote,

[Advent] Day Seven - In Every Possible Way

Title: In Every Possible Way
For: iridae
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jongin/Sehun
Length: 2600w
Summary: With Baekhyun away, Jongin and Sehun can finally play. (continuation of So Caught Up In You)

Jongin listens to Sehun’s heavy breathing through the receiver, mind still reeling and hand sticky from getting off. It’s not the best way to appreciate the hotness of the boyfriend he’s managed to land, but Baekhyun is Satan and refuses to let them be alone together. Maybe Jongin should have just kept his mouth shut about the entire relationship because where there had been actual progress is now stagnation - months and months of built up sexual tension that’s driving Jongin insane.

“Are you falling asleep?” he inquires, listening to Sehun’s soft chuckle. Jongin hears the sound of running water in the background.

“Yeah,” Sehun admits. “But I’ll see you in the morning?”

“As soon as that car leaves the driveway, I’ll be there,” Jongin promises.

“I’m holding you to that,” Sehun threatens. “If you’re not on me thirty seconds after Baekhyun’s gone, I’m finding a new boyfriend.”

Sehun’s counting down when he answers the door, a breathy, “seventeen,” coming out of his mouth. Jongin reaches for him and Sehun bounces back with a sneaky grin.


The door slams shut as Jongin goes for Sehun again and is denied - again.


Jongin smirks and Sehun takes off, immediately going for the stairs as he yells out his countdown. Jongin is on his heels, determined to catch Sehun before he gets to zero. He’s down to ten when they make it to Sehun’s room and the, “nine,” that spills from Sehun’s mouth is cut off when his back hits wall, Jongin pressing against him from chest to feet.

“Do you want to replace me that badly?” Jongin asks, making sure to skim his lips over Sehun’s when he speaks.

Sehun loops arms around Jongin’s neck. “I just wanted to see if you’d chase me.”

Jongin kisses him, smiling as Sehun eagerly kisses back. “I’m always going to chase you,” he mumbles when they part, earning himself an eye roll. It goes so well with the blush on Sehun's cheeks and Jongin runs his thumbs over them and down to Sehun's mouth, appreciating his fine taste and the fact that he's managed to hold on to him despite the hardships.

"I thought the plan was Baekhyun's bed," Jongin mumbles, a little breathy because Sehun is rolling his hips impatiently.

Sehun shakes his head, hair falling in his eyes and Jongin can't decide if he wants to brush it aside or tangle his fingers in it to pull. "I heard Baekhyun and Kyungsoo in there last night," he explains without halting his movements.

It's difficult to think with Sehun rubbing against him, hands running down to rest in the back pockets of Jongin's jeans so Sehun can cup his ass and squeeze, drawing him closer. "I don't -" He cuts off with a moan, brain going fuzzy as Sehun keeps touching him, moving him around as he pleases.

"I don't want to fuck on the same sheets they did," he explains further and it clicks finally. Baekhyun's parents, in a last ditch attempt to spend quality time with their son, have whisked him away to go on a tour of the college he'll be attending in the fall. And he conned his parents into letting Kyungsoo spend the night and tag along because of his 'interest in attending next year'.

"How the fuck is it fair," Jongin starts, pulling Sehun off the wall and backing them toward the bed, "that they got to do this before us?"

Sehun is grinning when he pushes Jongin onto his mattress, Spiderman comforter already wrinkled under him from where he hadn't bothered to make his bed. "They might have done it first, but we'll do it better," he declares, shedding his shirt and pajama pants effortlessly.

A naked Sehun crawls on Jongin's lap and Jongin can't help but focus on the half hard dick now poking at his stomach through his shirt. Jongin groans, taking hold of Sehun by his ass to bring him close enough for a kiss that manages to be mostly tongue and Sehun moaning, grinding against him harder. Sehun willingly lets Jongin roll him off, landing on the bed as Jongin stands long enough to strip. And if he wasn't hard before, the way Sehun is staring up at him with half-lidded eyes, tongue swiping over his lower lip, would have taken care of it.

They've been naked with each other before, but Jongin still takes his time to explore over Sehun's body, starting with his ankles. He enjoys the way Sehun's twitches away when it tickles, goosebumps running up and down his skin. Jongin's fingers trail up Sehun's legs, walking up defined calves and pale, unblemished thighs before making it to his cock. With a half smile, he skirts around it and heads up, pinching at Sehun's nipples before bending for a kiss. Sehun's legs bracket Jongin's hips and force him down.

The moan Jongin lets out is loud and he panics for a second before remembering that they're alone and they can be as loud as they want. He grins and rocks slowly, savoring the feel of Sehun's cock rubbing along his own. Sehun isn’t as patient and he’s reaching up, pulling a bottle of lube out from under his pillow and handing it to Jongin. However, when Jongin reaches down, a little unsure of himself because no matter how many times he’s read about it or watched videos (for educational purposes), he’s afraid he’s going to do something wrong and hurt Sehun. His hand shakes, the pads of his fingers running down Sehun’s crack before circling his entrance. And there’s a surprised gasp that falls from his lips.

Sehun blushes, face a much darker red than before. “I stretched already,” he confesses in a small voice, rolling his hips down a little so Jongin’s finger pokes inside.

Jongin groans and smears the lube on his fingers around Sehun’s hole, nearly getting them clean before lifting onto his knees, hovering over his boyfriend. “Show me,” he breathes.

Sehun nods and takes the discarded bottle of lube, pouring some on his hand before reaching down between his legs. Jongin catches his wrist mid-action as his mind spins. The idea of Sehun fingering himself open is an oh so tempting thing, but there’s something else that pulls at him, makes him shuffle from between Sehun’s legs to settle on his back, knees spread. “Show me,” he instructs, voice low, “on me.”

Sehun is quick to take up the empty spot, elbowing Jongin’s legs apart further. He seems to have no hesitations about smoothing the lube over his fingers before sliding them down Jongin’s crack, wetting the area before moving to his hole to tease. “I’ve done this so much,” Sehun confesses, Jongin sucking in a sharp breath as the tip of Sehun’s thumb pulls at his rim. “I think about you.” Sehun pushes until the tip of his finger is inside Jongin’s ass, wiggling it around as Jongin tries to relax, to stop clenching at the odd feeling. He breathes in through his nose and out through his mouth, nodding down at Sehun who keeps going, pushing until he’s two knuckles deep.

“I like to imagine you filling me up with your cock,” Sehun says, his voice cracking around the words as he watches the way his finger moves in and out. “Making me scream your name.”

Jongin moans, enjoying the drag of Sehun’s finger, the way it feels right and wrong at once. “H-how long?” Jongin asks. Sehun pulls out and then two digits press in. Jongin can’t breathe for a moment, thighs closing in only to be stopped by Sehun’s body. “God,” he groans, rocking his hips down when the discomfort ebbs. “How long have you been stretching yourself and thinking about me?”

Sehun smiles, a naughty pull of his lips on one side of his mouth. “Since before you kissed me,” he admits. His fingers push in harder, faster, spreading to stretch Jongin open and it’s all he can do to hold on, fists balled in the sheets. “The first time was when I wore that skirt in gym class,” he continues. “I stayed back in the showers and just had to try when I saw how you were watching me.”

“You looked so fucking good in that skirt,” Jongin chokes out. He can see Sehun’s bicep flex, the tendons in his arm straining with every thrust in and it’s sexy as hell.

“I still have it.”

Sehun grins and Jongin curses, rocking steadily down on Sehun’s fingers. There’s heat growing in his belly, a steady, winding pleasure that’s coursing and taking over and he really just wants to be fucked right now. “Next time,” Jongin promises.

Three fingers in him and he doesn’t know if he’s in heaven or hell, cock untouched on his stomach and leaving a sticky mess over his skin. Sehun is just as hard and Jongin watches as his cock bobs when he shifts closer, leans a little more over Jongin’s body. “You are so fucking hot right now,” Sehun moans before stretching up to kiss him.

Jongin is thrilled with the distraction from the growing pressure in his balls. Sehun’s tongue is something to focus on, to suck into his mouth and tease with his teeth. Sehun pulls away a minute later, breathing heavy and hair a mess from Jongin’s hands. “Can I?” he asks.

“Yes please,” Jongin hisses.

Jongin rests a leg on Sehun’s hip as the other is pushed into the mattress so he’s spread wide. The initial pressure of Sehun’s dick against his entrance is surprising even if he’s expecting it and he clenches instinctively, forcing Sehun’s cock to slide down his crack instead.


Sehun hiccups a laugh before trying again, this time rubbing the head of his cock over his hole a few times before pushing. The pressure is weird, but Jongin keeps himself from tensing, looking down to watch as, little by little, Sehun’s cock disappears from his view. It certainly doesn’t feel amazing when Sehun bottoms out, but it doesn’t suck either.

Sehun, on the other hand, looks like he’s enjoying it if the blissed-out look on his face is anything to go by. Jongin feels so full, so impossibly full and Sehun’s cock is throbbing. It’s more curiosity than anything that makes Jongin move, lift his hips up because he wants to see that shock of pleasure rush over Sehun’s face.

And it does, Sehun falling forward onto his elbow, groaning as his cock twitches, sliding further inside Jongin’s ass. Jongin raises for a kiss, a hand on the back of Sehun’s neck as Sehun pants into his mouth, bites on Jongin’s lip when Jongin squeezes around him purposely. “I need to -” Sehun mumbles, cutting off in a moan because Jongin rolls his hips, his other leg wrapping around Sehun’s waist.

The first few thrusts are slow, measured and Jongin is coming to realize that it feels a lot better than he imagined. There’s this fullness that contrasts with how much his body wants to push it out and the way Sehun’s cock drags in and out of him has him wanting more. Jongin takes control of the rhythm, speeding Sehun along with heels pressed to his back until Sehun picks up on it, hips snapping forward and Jongin moaning with each one.

Sehun’s breath is hot on his face, his hand gripping hard on Jongin’s hip. Jongin’s head falls, mouth open and eyes rolling back as he lets it all wash over him. Everything feels so good, Sehun now burrowing his face in Jongin’s neck to bite down, suck the skin into his mouth to leave his mark.

Jongin’s breathing hitches, catching in his throat because the pressure is almost too much. He whines, fingers clutching at Sehun’s arms to hold on. The sudden emptiness he feels when Sehun pulls out is jarring and Jongin groans, lifting onto his elbows to follow Sehun when he moves back. “What are you doing?” Jongin asks, voice ragged and lips dry.

Sehun fumbles with the bottle of lube and Jongin breathes out a sigh of relief, thinking Sehun is just adding more, but that’s not what he does. The lube is cold on Jongin’s cock and he hisses, bucking his hips into Sehun’s fist because it feels amazing after going untouched for so long. Sehun pumps Jongin as he crawls over him and Jongin’s starting to get the picture really quick.

With one hand on Sehun’s thigh for support, Jongin holds his cock around the base, keeping it upright as Sehun slowly sinks down on it. The pressure is intense, Jongin having to hold back from snapping up to bury inside the tight heat around his cock. Sehun has nails digging into Jongin’s chest, his mouth open and hair fallen in his eyes and Jongin is so in love it hurts.

Jongin moves just enough to get at Sehun’s mouth, dip his tongue between his pink lips and kiss him softly, slowly. The clenched muscles around Jongin’s cock begin relaxing, easing enough that Jongin doesn’t feel like he’s about to combust. Sehun sighs into his mouth, whimpering a little when he rolls his hips just a bit. The rush that surges down Jongin’s cock is amazing and he moans, dick twitching inside Sehun’s tight little body.

Sehun loops arms around Jongin’s neck. “Fuck me,” he commands and Jongin is only too happy to obey.

He still starts off slow, hands on Sehun’s hips to help him lift before he pushes back down. Every move pushes Jongin to new limits, trying his hardest to hold off his orgasm until Sehun is satisfied. He watches with greedy eyes as Sehun picks up speed, bouncing on his cock and moaning about how good it feels. Jongin thrusts, forcing Sehun up hard and the way Sehun tightens around him is heavenly.

There’s only so much he can take, the heat creeping in around the edges to add to the pressure and Jongin pushes a hand between their bodies to get it around Sehun’s cock. Sehun jerks in his hold, moaning and rolling his hips faster as Jongin strokes him, his cock still covered in lube and easy to slide through his fingers.

Sehun comes with a moan of Jongin’s name, grinding down on Jongin’s dick through it until Jongin spills inside him. It’s a high, Jongin’s mind blanking out and his head swimming and the weight of Sehun on his chest making it hard to breathe. But it’s still perfect because he’s with Sehun and there’s no one banging on the door insisting they need a chaperone, no one calling Sehun away for dinner.

This is Jongin and Sehun in crazy teenage love and Jongin never wants this ride to end.
Tags: advent 2013, group: exo, length: short, pairing: kai/sehun, rating: nc-17
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