thesockmonster (thesockmonster) wrote,

[Fic] A Little Bit Softer Now

Title: A Little Bit Softer Now
Pairing: Kris/Kyungsoo/Zitao
Rating: NC-17
Length: 2700w
Warning:: daddy kink
Author's Note: originally posted here for sncj_santa
Summary: Not everyone always wants to be in control.

It begins as an escape.

When Yifan’s face hits the pillow, Kyungsoo’s palm splayed between his shoulder blades and hips snapping forward roughly, it’s about being everything they’re not. There’s a power construct on the other side of the door that requires strength and a lack of emotion that drains Yifan until he’s left lifeless to fall in bed alone. But in here, with Kyungsoo behind him, telling him what to do, how to bend and just relax and let me do all the work, Yifan breathes out a sigh of relief and moans, biting into the pillowcase as Kyungsoo fucks him open.

Yifan knew he wasn’t the only one when this started - knew Kyungsoo had someone else he was taking care of too and it never bothered him. They never exchanged promises of fidelity and Kyungsoo even flat out told Yifan that he had someone at home, waiting with legs spread for when Kyungsoo decided to crawl between them.

So why is he here in a shitty motel room with Yifan?

“There’s something about you,” Kyungsoo tells him. His thumb caresses over the swell of Yifan’s lower lip before Yifan sucks it into his mouth and bites softly. “So strong yet vulnerable. I just want to fucking break you.”

“So break me,” Yifan challenges and the fire in Kyungsoo’s eyes sends a tremor of anticipation down his spine.

Kyungsoo tears Yifan down with words, with his hands, with his cock as he fucks him hard and fast, unrelenting even as tears track down Yifan’s face. He could stop him if he wanted, but he doesn’t want to. This is what he needs.

Yifan needs someone there to catch him when he falls, to take care of him because he’s so tired of always being the strong one. It’s when he lets out a whimpered daddy that Kyungsoo’s hips stop and he drags Yifan off the tear-soaked pillow by the back of his hair, fingers twisted almost painfully in strands of blond.

“What did you say?” Kyungsoo demands, breath hot over Yifan’s neck.

“Daddy,” he repeats, ass clenching around Kyungsoo’s cock hard enough to pull a hiss out of them both when he pushes back. The sting of a slap against his thigh has Yifan moaning, head falling back.

Kyungsoo keeps him just like that, fucking him just right as he fists Yifan’s cock, pumps him roughly until he comes over stiff motel sheets. But Kyungsoo isn’t finished, pistoning in and out of Yifan with hands digging into his hips to hold him steady. “Call me Daddy,” Kyungsoo instructs and Yifan does. His voice is ragged and hoarse as he speaks, telling Kyungsoo how good Daddy makes him feel.

Kyungsoo spills inside the condom with his forehead pressed to the back of Yifan’s neck and hips jerking forward. “Come home with me,” Kyungsoo says. Yifan can’t say no.

That was over a year ago.

It’s been a dreadfully long day at the office, Yifan pandering to the higher-ups since early this morning and it’s already after sundown when he gets home. The soft click of the door shutting behind him is the farewell to Yifan the businessman. Responsibility rolls off his shoulders and he begins to shake loose the stress of the day, letting himself fall into his safe haven.

His socks and shoes come off at the door along with his suit jacket and he’s pulling at the tight knot of his tie when he pads into the living room. Zitao is on the couch, eyes open and glued to the television, but Yifan can tell he isn’t watching. He nudges Zitao’s leg with his knee, smiling down at him when Zitao seems to snap out of it, blinking a few times before returning the smile.

“Long day?” Zitao asks, gently closing the book in his lap and setting it aside. Yifan nods and moves to sit next to him, lacing their fingers and leaning his head on Zitao’s strong shoulder.

When Kyungsoo brought Yifan to his home, it’s Zitao who was waiting patiently, looking between them with curiosity. Yifan didn’t expect to get along well with the college student - fashion major, Zitao sniffs when Yifan calls him a student like he’s still in high school - but they’ve bonded well since Yifan moved in.

There are soft footsteps coming down the hall and Yifan cranes his head over the back of the couch as much as he can in time for Kyungsoo to run a hand lightly over his throat. “You’re home,” Kyungsoo says with a smile before leaning down for a kiss. Yifan hums.

Things are always peaceful at home, like puzzle pieces falling into place. A standard routine helps tug against the strings that tie Yifan to the outside world. He helps prepare for dinner and one snaps, releasing a bit of the tension left lingering in his neck. They listen indulgently as Zitao grumbles about his professors when they eat and Yifan laughs, shrugging off another few strings. Kyungsoo stands next to him while they clean up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher and by the time they’re finished and Kyungsoo is pressing insistent fingers into his back, Yifan feels loose, pliant.

“Come to bed.” Kyungsoo’s voice is low, but commanding, and Yifan follows on instinct, the sound settling low in his gut. It’s enough to entice, to have anticipation lacing through his veins.

Zitao’s lips stretch prettily around Kyungsoo’s cock, pink and wet and simply perfect. “So good for Daddy,” Kyungsoo hums, twisting fingers in Zitao’s hair to hold him still before sliding the rest of his cock into Zitao’s mouth. “Very good.”

There’s a barely contained whimper from where Yifan is sitting on the bed across the room, hands bunched in the comforter and cock straining red and hard from between his legs. He knows how well Zitao sucks cock, how good it feels for his silky lips to slide over wet skin and the pressure of his tongue pushing upward so the tip of his dick rubs the roof of his mouth. It makes him harder just thinking about it, wondering if Kyungsoo will let Yifan come in Zitao’s mouth or over his face like they’ve done before.

Yifan would like nothing more than to wrap his hand around his cock and stroke himself, thrust into his own fist as he watches Kyungsoo fuck into Zitao’s mouth, but that would displease Kyungsoo and he doesn’t want to be punished. He waits patiently, eyes riveted on Kyungsoo’s slick cock.

Kyungsoo pushes gently at Zitao’s head until his cock slips out and Zitao lunges forward with a, “please Daddy,” that earns him a stern look.

”Did Daddy say you could talk?” Zitao shakes his head and Kyungsoo slaps his cock against the smooth skin of his cheek, smearing saliva and precome. “I don’t think you deserve Daddy’s cock in your mouth.”

Zitao frowns but doesn’t protest, hands still clasped behind his back obediently. From this angle, Yifan can see Zitao’s arousal and the blush stained over his cheeks. He can see the rise and fall of his chest and how tense his sturdy thighs are as he shifts his weight just the littlest bit.

Kyungsoo’s heady gaze moves from Zitao to Yifan who sits up straight at the attention, eager to have his turn. The anticipation builds, Kyungsoo’s face unreadable as he regards Yifan as if he were peering at a selection of fabrics or paint samples.

“Would you like my cock, Yifan?” he asks, cutting through the silence. “Or does my boy want Zitao’s mouth? I know how much you love the way he looks with his lips stretched wide around a cock.” Yifan doesn’t answer, voice caught in his throat, but Kyungsoo smirks anyway, knowing the answer already. “Zitao, be a good boy and let Yifan fill your mouth with his cock.”

Zitao obeys instantly, eyes bright as he licks his lips, crawling over the carpet to settle on his haunches between Yifan’s legs. His palms are warm on Yifan’s thighs, running up to push lightly against his waist so Yifan falls back on his elbows. One final dark look is all he gets before Zitao’s tongue is licking around the head of his cock, lapping up precome and moaning at the taste.

The sudden dizzying pleasure of Zitao’s mouth suctioned around him has Yifan groaning, fingers twisting in the blanket because he hasn’t been given permission to touch. Kyungsoo strides over, slow and sure as he watches and Yifan feels the heat of his flush burning up his chest and into his face. Kyungsoo runs fingers softly through Zitao’s hair, and crouches down to rest his chin on Zitao’s shoulder.

“So pretty.” Kyungsoo trails fingers over Zitao’s cheek, thumb circling where Zitao lets Yifan’s cock poke against it. “Daddy wants you to make Yifan come. I want to see his come on your cheeks.”

Zitao moans around Yifan’s cock and the vibration races through Yifan, settling in his balls as the pressure grows. With his nose buried in trimmed hair, Zitao swallows hard and Yifan feels it all rushing toward the edge, just ready to jump over that precipice.

“Now, Zitao,” Kyungsoo instructs and Zitao pulls off, the air cold on Yifan’s cock before fingers wrap around his length and stroke.

Jaw slack, Yifan comes hard and fast, stripes of white over the bridge of Zitao’s nose, some catching on his eyelashes and dripping down his cheeks. Kyungsoo smears through a line with his finger and pushes it into Zitao’s mouth, moaning when he licks it clean.

Yifan slumps, mind blank and body tingling in the aftermath of his orgasm. He knows Kyungsoo is speaking, but he can’t hear the mumbled words. The bed dips under the weight of someone as they crawl up and Yifan peers down to see Kyungsoo ascending, his eyes burning and cock hard as he settles himself on Yifan’s stomach.

“Daddy’s not done with you,” he croons softly as he brushes some of Yifan’s fallen hair off his face.

Yifan watches as Kyungsoo leans over him, ass in the air and Zitao now between both their legs with a bottle of lube. Despite just getting off, Yifan’s cock twitches with interest as he spies Zitao gently smoothing lube down Kyungsoo’s crack, rubbing in circles around his rim.

Kyungsoo makes this little satisfied noise in his throat. “Do you want to fuck me?” Kyungsoo asks, already rocking back on Zitao’s finger as it slides inside him.

“Yes, Daddy,” Yifan answers, his body already eagerly responding to the image of Kyungsoo’s flush face over him, body warm and the promise of what’s to come far too enticing to ignore. Kyungsoo always takes such good care of them.

Zitao is thorough, working Kyungsoo open as Kyungsoo pays attention to Yifan’s nipples. Plush lips surround one, teeth grazing enough to send a skittering of goosebumps down Yifan’s chest and he groans, head falling back. Kyungsoo moans and licks around his nipple as he pinches the other, rolling it in his fingers.

“Roll me over,” Kyungsoo instructs and Zitao lifts away as Yifan wraps an arm around Kyungsoo.

His back hits the mattress and Kyungsoo’s legs settle on Yifan’s hips, pulling him down for more. usually things are the reverse - Yifan on his knees or on his back as Kyungsoo fucks him how he needs, but today is different. Kyungsoo is softer, more pliant and less strict.

This is a treat.

Yifan doesn’t tease, pushing the head of his slick cock into Kyungsoo without delay.

Kyungsoo twists fingers in Yifan’s hair, pulling him down when he’s fully seated. “Daddy wants you to fuck him hard and fast,” Kyungsoo pants.

The first thrust has Kyungsoo moaning out Zitao’s name and Yifan sees when the other man crawls up. Kyungsoo moves Zitao, guides him over his chest and Yifan watches as Zitao leans forward, Kyungsoo’s hands on the backs of his thighs so he can swallow down his cock. Zitao nearly loses his balance, tumbling forward until Yifan grips one of his thighs and holds him in place.

It’s hot and quick, Yifan fucking into Kyungsoo as Zitao thrusts into Kyungsoo’s mouth. The bed rocks, headboard hitting against the wall and springs creaking. Zitao is whimpering, head hanging low. Yifan slams into Kyungsoo harder, listening for the harmony of their moans when they meld into one. He controls the pace.

The heat around Yifan’s cock is thick and tight, Kyungsoo clenching down and rolling into each thrust greedily. Yifan watches how his dick slides into Kyungsoo’s open body and then out, lube squelching obscenely and Kyungsoo’s cock untouched, leaking precome onto his stomach. He brings up one of Kyungsoo’s legs, hooking his knee over his shoulder so he can go deeper.

Zitao groans, the muscles in his ass clenching and body shuddering, the ripple traveling up his spine. Yifan hears the pop of his cock sliding out of Kyungsoo’s mouth and Zitao slumps to the side, letting Yifan see Kyungsoo licking white off the corner of his mouth.

“Come inside me,” Kyungsoo rasps, voice ragged and broken. “Come inside Daddy.”

Yifan falls forward, letting Kyungsoo drag him in with a heel on his back. He fucks him hard, skin slapping and Kyungsoo’s head falling back as his mouth goes slack and eyes roll shut. Zitao winds fingers in Yifan’s hair, pulling him over for a kiss; Yifan tastes himself on Zitao’s tongue.

Kyungsoo tightens around Yifan enough for him to cry out, accidentally bite down on Zitao’s lip. When he looks down, he sees Zitao jerking Kyungsoo off - without being told. There’s a sneaky look on Zitao’s face, eyes glassy and knowing. Daddy is going to punish him later.

Kyungsoo comes before he can tell Zitao to stop, hips bucking and moan cracking in the air. He pulses around Yifan and it takes only a few more thrusts for him to come, burying his cock deep inside Kyungsoo as it wracks through him. There are fingers running through his hair, soothing words whispered in his ear and Yifan turns enough to give Kyungsoo a soft peck on the lips when he asks for one.

Sticky and sweaty, they all pry apart and stretch sore muscles, Yifan falling back onto the comforter with a bounce. Kyungsoo gives him a beaming smile and he returns it, enjoying the lethargy that comes after riding so high.

“Sleep,” Kyungsoo tells Yifan. “You’ve had a rough week. I’ll bring Zitao into the shower with me.”

Yifan hums, nodding as he wiggles his way under the blanket, unable to care that he’s not clean. He’ll shower in the morning and they always wash the bedding on Saturdays anyway. Tomorrow they’ll sleep in, be lazy until Kyungsoo deems it time to get up and be functional human beings. Zitao will pout, Yifan will laugh at him and Kyungsoo will have to drag Zitao out by his ear. It’s the best way to start a weekend.

Yifan’s head clears after another few minutes and he blinks at the ceiling, listening to the running shower where Kyungsoo is cleaning up a sleepy Zitao. He smiles when he realizes how much better he feels, how carefree and light without a worry in the world. And it’s because of Kyungsoo, because of how his Daddy let him assert a little control. It was his way of letting Yifan remind himself that he isn’t just some peon to be shuffled around and his chest feels heavy.

Yifan loves Kyungsoo and Yifan loves Zitao and he wouldn’t have things any other way.
Tags: exchange, group: exo, length: short, ot3: kris/kyungsoo/tao, rating: nc-17
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