thesockmonster (thesockmonster) wrote,

[Fic] Is You Big Enough

Title: Is You Big Enough
Pairing: Baekhyun/Yixing (discussed fwb Baekhyun/Chanyeol)
Rating: NC-17
Length: 3700w
Warnings: a/b/o, heat sex, rimming, knotting
Summary: Baekhyun needs a dick to sit on.

i need a dick to sit on. preferably yours.

Baekhyun's never been one for beating around the bush. If he wants something or someone or a certain part of someone, he flat out says it. Especially when he knows his heat is going to start gearing up in the next day or so. The last thing he wants is to be alone through it and it's always best to catch it at the beginning so it doesn't crush him later.

His fingers slide over the edge of his phone, flipping it over and starting again as he waits for a reply, agitated. The worst part of it all is the restless energy that gathers in his limbs, keeps him antsy and irritable for a day or two before he breaks out into a sweat and starts leaking all over the place.

Chanyeol's been Baekhyun's go-to knot since they'd tried the whole best friends into boyfriends thing in college and then decided they were better suited as friends. They know each other inside and out and it was just easier to let Chanyeol fuck him into a stupor during his heats than find someone new to break in. Which is why Baekhyun is a little surprised when his phone rings, Chanyeol's name flashing over the screen, instead of pinging with the text he was expecting.

"I'm so sorry," Chanyeol breathes through the phone, voice a little panicky. "I'm on a flight out tonight."

The conference. Right. Somehow Baekhyun had forgotten all about that. Probably because he'd been too focused on getting all his deadlines covered so he wouldn't fall behind at work. He scrunches his nose and sighs.

"I'm really sorry."

And Baekhyun knows he is. Chanyeol's a sweet guy and he wouldn't leave Baekhyun high and dry unless he had no choice. "'S alright, Yeol," Baekhyun assures him even as a tight pressure winds through his chest. "Good luck with your presentation."

"Baek-" Chanyeol starts, but Baekhyun cuts him off because he already knows what Chanyeol is going to say.

"I'll be fine. Go smooth talk your way into a promotion and I'll talk to you when you get back."

Baekhyun hangs up and tosses his phone aside, slinking down on his couch with a groan. He rubs his hands over his face and kicks his feet like a child. It's been so long since he's been alone for a heat and he doesn't want to have to resort to pulling out his neglected box of toys. Going back to a silicon knot shoved up his ass after experiencing a real one is only going to leave him frustrated and unsatisfied.

"If I'd known you were going to smell like alpha-bait, I would have cancelled," Jongdae says from across the small table that's separating them.

Baekhyun gives a thoughtful hum and takes a sip of his coffee, moaning aloud as the rich taste bursts along his tongue and burns hot down his throat. When he opens his eyes, he's pleased to note the number of stares oriented at him.

His scent isn't that bad yet, his heat still simmering just beneath the surface and controllable. He'd rubbed one out this morning in the shower to take the edge off before leaving for their weekly coffee outing and so far he's alright. There are a number of alphas in the small shop, but too many scents blended together always detract from the potency. Oddly enough, Baekhyun is safer in a room of alphas than he is with just one.

"And miss your gorgeous face? You know I live for your judgemental looks."

Jongdae rolls his eyes with a soft snort of derision. "You just love the attention."

Baekhyun's mouth twists and he watches as Jongdae's throat works when he takes a swallow of his coffee. "I'd love a knot," Baekhyun sighs, just loud enough for Jongdae to hear.

His friend's eyebrows raise high enough to disappear under his dark fringe. As a fellow omega, Jongdae is sympathetic to Baekhyun's plight. "What happened to Chanyeol? Did his dick finally run off to greener pastures?"

Baekhyun clucks his tongue, flicking an empty sugar packet toward Jongdae. "He's at a conference for the week."

"Maybe it's a sign," Jongdae remarks. When Baekhyun simply pierces his friend with an unamused stare, Jongdae huffs out a laugh. "You can't spend the rest of your life depending on Chanyeol's knot to be there when you need it. One day he's going to find someone he can't live without and you'll be left knotless and your ass will be saggy."

Baekhyun makes a noise of dissent. His ass is fucking perfect and it will never sag.

"You need to reel in an alpha while you're still in your prime and those hips of yours still fit in your skinny jeans."

Baekhyun frowns, picking at the lid on his disposable coffee cup with a fingernail. Jongdae does have a point. Chanyeol is quite the catch and someone is going to realize that some day. It's just that finding an alpha isn't easy.

Scratch that. Finding the right alpha isn't easy.

And at the moment, the last thing he's thinking about is commitment. The only type of relationship Baekhyun is concerned with right now is the one his ass wants to make with a nice, thick knot that can stretch him wide and keep him fucked out for days.

He squirms in his seat as a wave of heat pulses through him and Jongdae laughs in his drink when he catches the scent of Baekhyun's arousal in the air.

"Come on," Jongdae coaxes, pulling Baekhyun from his seat. "Let's get out of here before you start a brawl."

Baekhyun hazards one glance back to make sure he hadn't gotten wet enough to leak through his pants and onto the seat, catching the eye of an alpha on his way out. He lets out a soft whimper at the dark look on the alpha's face and it's only Jongdae iron-grip that keeps Baekhyun from making himself at home on the alpha's lap.

“Fucking menace to society is what you are,” Jongdae says fondly and Baekhyun leans against his friend with a dramatic sigh.

Baekhyun is sprawled over his couch, not quite ready to crawl his way to bed even if his body is aching with a slow burn and sweat is beginning to bead along his brow. He’s shed most of his clothing, still too warm in just a thin shirt and his briefs. He’d take them off too, but that would be admitting defeat and Baekhyun wants to hold out a little longer.

Jongdae had dropped him off earlier, making Baekhyun promise to call him if he needed anything. Baekhyun had earned a cuff on the back of the head when he’d asked if Jongdae could suddenly grow a knot. He’d only mostly been joking.

When he shifts to reach for his phone, left discarded in his pants, Baekhyun grimaces at the wet slide in his underwear. His ass is all primed and ready for a dick it’s not going to get. It’s a fucking travesty. Baekhyun has an ass that should be filled at all times and he knows it.

Baekhyun’s original intention had been to open a game on his phone and see if he could distract himself for a while, but instead he finds himself sifting through his contact list, pausing by the names of all the unattached alphas he knows and weighing the pros and cons of each before moving on. He’s nearly at the end of the list when he gets to one name that seems to stand out among all the rest.

Baekhyun wouldn’t exactly call Yixing a friend. He’s more of a friend of a friend. Well, Jongdae’s boyfriend’s best friend to be precise and he only has Yixing’s number because Jongdae had entered it himself after Baekhyun and Yixing had spent an entire six hours flirting before going their separate ways. They cross paths every now and again - mainly at birthday parties and holidays - but Baekhyun has always been aware of that spark neither of them have acted on.

It takes another four seconds, and a throb of heat in his swelling cock, for Baekhyun to press call.


Baekhyun inhales sharply at the sound of Yixing’s voice and he forgets to speak, words caught in his throat. He swallows, a fist balling the end of his shirt to keep from reaching into his briefs to tug at himself.

“Who is this?” Yixing questions after receiving nothing but silence.

“Baekhyun,” he answers after a few calming breaths, thighs squeezed closed to alleviate the ache that’s settled in more permanently.

“Baekhyun!” Yixing exclaims, clearly surprised. “Is something wrong? Did Lu Han get wasted and forget his address again?”

Baekhyun laughs despite his condition. “It’s the middle of a Saturday afternoon,” Baekhyun supplies. “Is Lu Han usually drunk by now?”

“Depends if Jongdae’s kicked him out for being dumb again or not,” comes his amused reply and Baekhyun can picture the smile spread over Yixing’s mouth perfectly, the way he bites along his lower lip and his eyes wrinkle.

“Yixing,” Baekhyun almost whines, his voice breathy.

“Are you alright?” Yixing asks after a pause.

“No,” he blurts out with a distressed sort of laugh. “I’m going into heat and I’m alone.”

There’s silence before Yixing answers. “And you called me?”

“Yes,” Baekhyun hisses, clenching his thighs together harder, the heat starting to catch and hold. “Please,” he begs, his back bowing off the couch, “will you help me?”

“Fuck,” Yixing curses, low and gravelly. “Aren’t you with someone?” he finally questions. “You always smell like another alpha and I don’t - I won’t -”

Baekhyun shakes his head furiously, eyes squeezed shut. “No, no, I’m - that was Chanyeol, my friend. We aren’t together.”

Fuck,” Yixing spits again, this time more forcefully. “I thought you were taken.”

“I’m very single and I really would love for you to come fuck me until I can’t move. You can take me on a date after, but I need you now.”

“Are you absolutely sure?”

“Yixing, I would have gone home with you the day we met if you’d asked,” Baekhyun clarifies.

“Yeah, ok,” Yixing breathes. “Just - text me your address. I’ll be there.”

It’s amazing Baekhyun retains the ability to get the right letters and numbers in the correct order seeing as his hands are starting to tremble. His phone clatters to the side table to stay as Baekhyun peels himself off the couch for the first time. His thighs are slick and his briefs are soaked, rubbing harsh over his sensitive skin, but Baekhyun is determined to at least get some water in him before it all leaks out his ass.

So inconvenient.

He’s washed his cup and set it in the drainer, now heading back to the living room at a snail’s pace when there’s a knock on the door. Baekhyun shuffles quicker, heart pounding in his chest as he peeks through the peephole to see Yixing.

The door opens and Yixing is finally there, Baekhyun’s knees nearly giving out at the smell of alpha slamming hard into him. Baekhyun grabs the front of Yixing’s shirt, whimpering as he buries his nose in Yixing’s chest, aware of the sound of the door being shut and locked before Yixing is touching him.

Yixing’s firm hands cup Baekhyun’s face, his thumbs tracing the edges of Baekhyun’s jaw and up to his mouth. He’s so close and Baekhyun’s fingers twist in Yixing’s shirt to pull him in more, desperate for Yixing to kiss him, fuck him, knot him and satiate this heat. It’s obvious that Yixing wants him - Baekhyun can smell it clinging to him, filling the air with it - and he doesn’t know why Yixing isn’t taking seeing as he’s offered himself up on a silver fucking platter.

He’s being studied. Yixing’s eyes roam over his face, following the trail of his fingers. When Baekhyun tries to move, Yixing’s hold tightens, thumbs under his chin to force his face up. Yixing’s eyes are dark, possessive and a shiver races through Baekhyun, a fresh wave of heat flashing white hot through his body. Yixing’s nostrils flare when he catches the scent of Baekhyun growing wetter.

Baekhyun would stumble back at the force of their first kiss if Yixing didn’t have such a strong grip on him still. He moans loud into Yixing’s mouth, tongue darting out to lick and suck at Yixing’s delectable lips. His head is absolutely spinning, his instincts pushing at him from all sides as Yixing keeps him upright.

Baekhyun wiggles closer, gasping when he feels the outline of Yixing’s cock through his jeans. Unable to help himself, Baekhyun reaches down to cup him, hand pressing against his cock until Yixing is growling and thrusting forward. “Yixing,” Baekhyun purrs, head tipping back as Yixing kisses down his neck. “Need you to fuck me.”

Baekhyun is unprepared for Yixing’s palms on the back of his thighs, the alpha bent low to heft Baekhyun easily off the floor. His legs wrap around Yixing’s waist, mouth dropped open in surprised arousal, knowing that Yixing’s fingers are now sticky and wet from how turned on he is. Yixing is going to smell like Baekhyun for a long time and it pleases Baekhyun more than he thought it would.

When Yixing lays him down, far gentler than Baekhyun expected, he reaches up to pull Yixing back to him, unwilling to let him go just yet. Yixing falls over Baekhyun, letting Baekhyun rut against his thigh in an effort to alleviate the pressure that has him wound so tight.

Baekhyun expects to be stopped, his fingers tangled in Yixing’s hair to keep his face close to his own and his body reacting on its own. Every alpha he’s been with has asserted their dominance, let Baekhyun know they were in charge as he was moved how they wanted. But not Yixing. Yixing pushes his thigh further between Baekhyun’s legs and watches as Baekhyun finally comes over himself with a pathetic whimper.

It’s not a very satisfying orgasm, but he’d needed something to take that sharp edge off and it worked. Yixing waits for Baekhyun’s hips to stop rocking and his breathing to calm before kissing him again. “Tell me what you want,” Yixing whispers.

Baekhyun slides a hand between them, grabbing Yixing’s dick through the denim, a sly twist to his mouth and an eyebrow raised. Yixing gets the hint, chuckling softly before his tongue flicks along Baekhyun’s top lip, slipping into his mouth.

Baekhyun now uses both hands to get at Yixing’s pants, fumbling with the button and zipper before trying to wrestle the denim down Yixing’s hips. Together, they get his pants slid down his legs, boxers following and Baekhyun salivates at the sight of Yixing’s thick cock. Baekhyun can’t get his briefs off quick enough, pulling his shirt over his head after to land atop Yixing’s in the pile.

Any other time and Baekhyun would push Yixing down and worship him with his mouth, trace over every line of muscle with his tongue until he sucked down the crown of his cock. He’d beg Yixing to fuck his mouth and come over his face so he’d smell of him for a week. But Baekhyun’s ass is still unfilled and he wants Yixing’s delicious looking cock shoved right up it.

Baekhyun knows he looks good when he perches on his elbows, ass in the air and legs spread. He hears Yixing’s breath hitch and Baekhyun clenches and relaxes, shivering a little because his ass and thighs are wet and the air is cool. “I need you to fuck me,” Baekhyun orders, voice raspy. “Knot me.” His cock is still hard despite coming and it’s going to take more than one orgasm to calm him down.

Yixing’s hands are hot on Baekhyun’s ass, spreading his cheeks wide. He lets out a groan and Baekhyun sinks lower, chest nearly on the bed and spine curved downward as Yixing’s thumbs hold him open more. “Can I?” Yixing asks.

Baekhyun looks back to see Yixing’s eyes fixated on his ass, tongue licking over his lower lip and Baekhyun wants. He wants so much. He can’t manage to find his voice so he nods, wiggling his hips in invitation. There’s little time to brace himself before he feels the wet heat of Yixing’s tongue. He starts with Baekhyun’s balls, teasing over them only briefly before he licks a stripe straight up the cleft of Baekhyun’s ass.

Baekhyun’s toes curl, his mouth open in a silent moan as Yixing does it several more times, letting out these noises of satisfaction that drive Baekhyun crazy. The tip of his tongue traces a circle around Baekhyun’s puffy rim and Baekhyun pushes back against the pressure with a whimper.

Baekhyun has to muffle a pleasured scream in his pillow when Yixing’s tongue finally slips inside him, a finger following to stretch him wide. His fingers scramble to find something to hold on to, tossing several pillows off the bed before getting a firm grip on the headboard. Yixing’s tongue fucks into him quick and dirty as a contrast to the gentle way he adds a second finger, spreading them slow and carefully, like Yixing’s afraid he’s going to hurt him.

It hits hard, Baekhyun’s entire body seizing as his cock spurts white on blue sheets, his knuckles white and ass pulsing around Yixing’s fingers as he keeps him held open. “Fuck me,” Baekhyun mumbles, words slurred and too quiet to hear. He turns his face, looking behind him to see Yixing’s cock still curved up and hard, his knot beginning to grow. “Now,” Baekhyun snarls, rolling his hips to take Yixing’s fingers deeper. “Fuck me now.”

As soon as Yixing pulls away, leaving Baekhyun feeling empty, Baekhyun moves. He turns around, pushing at Yixing’s chest until the alpha is sitting on the mattress and Baekhyun can climb into his lap, hovering over his cock. Baekhyun fists a hand in Yixing’s hair, tilting his head back as he bends low, teases along Yixing’s mouth.

“I want to see your face when I ride you,” Baekhyun tells him, his words hot against the shell of Yixing’s ear. “Want to see you come with your knot inside me.”

Yixing holds Baekhyun’s waist, steadying him as he holds himself open with one hand and guides Yixing’s cock into his slick hole with the other. The crown pushes through and Baekhyun drops the rest of the way with a scream that isn’t muffled this time. Yixing’s nails are cutting into Baekhyun’s skin and Yixing holds him still, Baekhyun’s plush thighs tight around Yixing’s waist.

Yixing’s cock is so thick and hot and it throbs inside him, filling Baekhyun so completely that he wonders if Yixing would mind terribly if he lived on it. The burning heat recedes some but only for a moment and Baekhyun rocks his hips when it comes rushing back. Yixing’s lips are on his neck and chest, leaving pinpricks of pleasure in his wake.

Baekhyun raises slowly, appreciating the drag of Yixing’s cock inside him until only the flared tip is holding him open. He clenches around it just to hear Yixing moan against his skin before sinking down and back up again, desperate for the relief it brings. Yixing’s hands travel down, resting on the globes of his ass to hold him open as Baekhyun fucks himself on Yixing’s perfect cock.

It’s still not fast enough. Baekhyun stops just long enough to bend his legs, put his weight on his knees, thighs spread as far as they’ll go. And then he drops his head to rest against Yixing’s as he swivels his hips, works himself up and down Yixing’s cock quicker, the rhythm smooth and the slide silky. Yixing helps, pushing Baekhyun upward by his ass and snapping his hips up as Baekhyun drops. Every thrust sends a burst of pleasure into Baekhyun’s body, spreading through his limbs and flooding his system.

Sweat drips from his hair and into his face, his breathing labored and Baekhyun can’t tell if his eyes are watering because of his hormones or if Yixing’s dick is just that fucking amazing. He’s banking on it being Yixing’s dick and he clenches around it, whining every time Yixing’s knot stretches his rim wider and then pulls out, growing larger each time.

Yixing moans out Baekhyun’s name when his knot finally locks them together, his hips fluid as he rocks his knot over Baekhyun’s prostate. Baekhyun clings tight to Yixing’s shoulders and back, nails scratching red trails over his skin as he whines, shakes, finally comes with a shuddering groan. His cock jerks pathetically, milked dry even as Yixing keeps moving, his orgasm ripping through him when Baekhyun clenches around him, biting down on Yixing’s shoulder.

Baekhyun is boneless, completely drained and content to stay wrapped up in Yixing as Yixing’s knot keeps them held together. Yixing noses his way over Baekhyun’s shoulder, his neck, his jaw until he can kiss him softly, affectionately. Baekhyun smiles, elated and satisfied and stuffed full like he’s supposed to be.

“I’m glad you called me,” Yixing rumbles minutes later, finally pulling away from where he won’t stop kissing Baekhyun. Baekhyun’s lips are tingling and yet he still doesn’t want to stop.

“I should have made a move earlier,” Baekhyun sighs. “You have the best cock I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting on.” Baekhyun wiggles his hips, jerking when it triggers a wave of heat that trickles down to where his rim is still stretched wide. “Oh,” he whimpers helplessly.

Yixing gets a knowing smile and he hums as his hands run up and down Baekhyun’s sides. “Think you can get off on just my knot?” Yixing asks, staring at Baekhyun with hooded eyes as Baekhyun’s body flashes cold then hot, his cock beginning to fill again.

“You think your knot is good enough to get me off?” he teases, squealing when Yixing lifts onto his knees, bringing Baekhyun with him so he can lay him on the bed.

“Let’s find out.”

Later, when Baekhyun is thoroughly fucked out and half-asleep with Yixing’s knot still shrinking inside him from behind, he grabs his phone (that he had Yixing fetch hours earlier) from the nightstand and sends a quick message to Chanyeol.

you’re fired
Tags: group: exo, length: short, pairing: baekhyun/lay, rating: nc-17
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