thesockmonster (thesockmonster) wrote,

[Fic] Lazy Weekend

Title: Lazy Weekend
Pairing: Jongin/Joonmyun
Rating: NC-17
Length: 2200
Author's Note: A birthday fic for leader Joonmyun. Also a gift for lotusk because she completes me. (and this was originally a dm fic i threw at her)
Summary: Joonmyun has plans for the weekend. Coincidentally, so does Jongin.

Sometimes Joonmyun just doesn’t understand what goes on inside of Jongin’s head. Like when he’s sitting shirtless on their couch, feet kicked up on the coffee table with a bowl of cereal going soggy in his hands as he laughs at the cartoons that play early in the morning while Joonmyun is still puttering around in their kitchen until the coffee is ready. Or when he insists that wearing socks is the ultimate evil and Joonmyun is left cringing as Jongin runs out into the cold without anything other than his beat up sneakers to keep his toes warm.

And there’s now, Joonmyun looking balefully at Jongin who has just seen fit to bite him. It’s not that Jongin has never bitten him before because the two of them have definitely left teeth imprints all over each other’s skin. But Joonmyun was simply standing there, arms crossed as he glared out the window at their back yard, wondering how long he can get away with not mowing the grass before the neighbors leave a passive aggressive letter on their door.

Jongin is unphased by Joonmyun’s expression, blinking up at Joonmyun with a sly smile even as his teeth press a little harder into Joonmyun’s bicep.

“Jongin,” Joonmyun sighs, turning to the side so he can grab at Jongin’s holey t-shirt - the one that should have been thrown out ages ago but still endures cycling through the washing machine. “What are you doing?”

Jongin crowds in closer, the soft strands of his hair falling in his face. “You looked so serious,” Jongin answers, a pouting sort of smile on his lips as his fingers hook in the sides of Joonmyun’s loose tank top. Jongin’s admitted - on more than one occasion - that he enjoys the view when Joonmyun wears something more revealing than his standard button-up. Sometimes Joonmyun likes to indulge, enjoying the attention that comes with Jongin wanting his hands all over him.

“I was just thinking,” Joonmyun sighs, giving the lawn another once over.

Jongin doesn’t like the pensive look on Joonmyun’s face and he tugs the fabric in his hands until Joonmyun is stumbling forward, stopping when he lands against Jongin’s chest. “This is our lazy weekend, remember?” Jongin mumbles against Joonmyun’s mouth.

He kisses Joonmyun before he can get a word in edgewise. Jongin doesn’t want to hear about lawn maintenance or the benefits of switching dishwasher tabs or griping about how badly their shower tiles need to be scrubbed. What he wants is Joonmyun all for himself. Sole focus. Undivided attention.

Joonmyun tastes of coffee when Jongin licks through his lips. He used to complain about it, but Jongin’s come to love the taste when it’s Joonmyun. Only Joonmyun.

He’s still anticipating a little resistance because Joonmyun can be responsible to a fault and Jongin wants to put out that fire before it starts. His teeth sink into the swell of Joonmyun’s lower lip and Jongin feels a flare of triumph in his chest when Joonmyun inhales sharply, a soft moan filtering into Jongin’s mouth after. Jongin takes it a step further, fingers curling into coarse strands of bleached hair so Joonmyun can’t move.

Jongin tugs, tipping Joonmyun’s head back and Joonmyun whimpers, his gaze heavy when they part for one brief moment. His mouth is slick and pink, lips still parted and Jongin can’t resist. He’s never been able to resist his Joonmyun and he always enjoys tearing him down before building him back up, placing pieces of himself there to keep it all together.

Even still, Joonmyun gives as good as he gets. His hands wind around Jongin’s waist before dipping underneath his sweats, palming Jongin’s bare ass and bringing their hips together. Joonmyun is well versed in how Jongin works and he’s not afraid to let himself go because Jongin will catch him.

It doesn’t mean he won’t participate. He indulges in the warmth of Jongin’s mouth, his tongue licking over Jongin’s as they kiss again and again. Joonmyun can feel the way Jongin’s hardening against his hip and he grinds against it, breathing harshly through his nose. His scalp tingles, a deep groan rumbling in his chest when Jongin tugs harder and Joonmyun feels it everywhere. The sensation sweeps through him, settling in his gut as his cock takes a devoted interest.

Joonmyun is thankful for the support, his knees growing weak as they move with each other, parting only long enough to take in short breaths before diving back in. He could spend his entire day with Jongin on him and all his plans crumble into nothing. All he wants is Jongin Jongin Jongin.

Jongin keeps Joonmyun’s head just where he wants it, his grip tight with one hand as the other slides down to tease along the side of Joonmyun’s shirt, skimming lower to run along the waistband of Joonmyun’s pants. He’s still in the gray cotton bottoms he plucked from the pile of mostly clean laundry on the floor by his side of the bed this morning. Jongin dips his hand under and into his briefs, his palm running hot and sure down Joonmyun’s cock.

Joonmyun accidentally nicks Jongin’s lip with his teeth, the hint of a moan drowning between their mouths as his hips jerk into Jongin’s hold. The sudden loss of Jongin’s hand around his cock is surprising, but short-lived. Jongin hurriedly pushes Joonmyun pants and briefs to his ankles, guiding Joonmyun back. He nearly yelps in surprise as his bare skin hits the cool glass of their window, a chill skittering up his spine.

Jongin’s weight holds him up and Joonmyun is content with the way Jongin is pressed to him, his hand tugging Joonmyun’s dick as Jongin sucks Joonmyun’s tongue into his mouth. His nails leave crescents in the fleshy cheeks of Jongin’s ass as Joonmyun ruts forward into the circle of Jongin’s fingers. It’d be so easy to get off like this, with Jongin all over him without giving Joonmyun a chance to catch his breath, but Jongin’s never liked it easy.

He pulls away, his lips wet and kiss-swollen, a few strands of hair stuck to his forehead with sweat. He’s gorgeous and Joonmyun whines for him to come back. He’s not done kissing him.

Jongin has other plans. The air freezes in Joonmyun’s lungs when Jongin lowers to his knees, gazing up at Joonmyun with a sly smile. He doesn’t drop the eye contact even as he leans forward to leave a kiss on the tip of Joonmyun’s cock. Joonmyun’s fingers tangle in Jongin’s already messy hair, jaw slack when Jongin wraps his plump lips around the crown of his cock, sucking gently before sliding his mouth down down down. Joonmyun’s thighs tense and he can’t pull his eyes from the way Jongin looks on his knees, lips stretched wide and his own hand slipping down the front of his sweats to jerk himself off as he bobs his head eagerly.

Jongin’s always had a gifted mouth and Joonmyun once thought that he’d get used to it. But he hasn’t. Not by a long shot.

And Jongin enjoys it. He savors the taste of Joonmyun heavy on his tongue, his hand tightening on Joonmyun’s hip to keep him from thrusting into his mouth. Jongin hums in satisfaction when Joonmyun stills, whimpering. He tongues the slit of Joonmyun’s cock, teasing around the flared tip lightly before taking Joonmyun’s cock all the way into his mouth again.

Joonmyun’s legs begin to tremble and Jongin watches as his cheeks flush a pretty pink. Jongin so much wants to hear Joonmyun moan out his name. Swallowing around Joonmyun’s cock, Jongin groans as his fingers clench tighter around his own cock, tugging from base to tip, his palm wet from how worked up he is.

The sounds of his mouth, of his hand and of Joonmyun’s heavy breathing are loud in the room. Joonmyun finally lets out a soft grunt, nearly tipping forward, catching his weight by bracing a hand on Jongin’s shoulder to keep himself upright. Jongin resists the urge to grin up at him, instead moving faster, tongue pushed flat to the underside of Joonmyun’s cock just the way he knows drives Joonmyun crazy.

Joonmyun’s head falls back onto the window, his moans growing louder with every bob of Jongin’s head, his fingers digging into Jongin’s shoulder almost painfully. It takes all Jongin has not to come at the image of Joonmyun licking over his lower lip, sweaty blond stuck to his face as he heaves in deep breaths of air. Jongin swallows Joonmyun down as far as he can, licking and sucking until Joonmyun is pushing him back.

Jongin stares up patiently, mouth open as Joonmyun’s hand flies over his slick cock a few times. White spurts from the tip, landing on Jongin’s cheeks and lips, some of it dribbling down his chin. He licks at it and then swipes his tongue over the slit of Joonmyun’s cock to collect it all, making a show of it pooled on his tongue before letting it slide thick down his throat.

Joonmyun drops to his knees then, pulling Jongin close to kiss him, breathless and sweaty and grinning because he adores Jongin so much. He tastes himself on Jongin’s tongue and Joonmyun pushes closer, very aware that Jongin is hard and it’s pressed to his stomach. It leaves a wet patch on Joonmyun’s shirt and Jongin finally backs off with one last reluctant kiss.

“Don’t move,” Jongin whispers.

Joonmyun watches as Jongin gets to his feet, cock bobbing heavy between his firm thighs as he tugs his shirt off over his head. He turns around, walking quickly toward their bedroom while kicking off the rest of his clothing. It takes a moment for Joonmyun to peel his eyes off Jongin’s ass because it’s truly a work of art - especially when it’s littered with the imprints of Joonmyun’s nails.

Joonmyun manages to wrestle his own top off just as Jongin reappears, lube in hand. And that definitely has Joonmyun’s cock taking a renewed interest.

“Up,” Jongin commands, helping Joonmyun off the floor. He finds himself against the window again, thankful that this particular window isn’t visible from the neighbor’s house although he doubts that would stop Jongin. He’s never been subtle about claiming Joonmyun in front of people.

Slumped down with his legs spread, Joonmyun wraps his arms around Jongin’s waist to pull him close. He manages to suction his mouth around one of Jongin’s nipples right as Jongin circles Joonmyun’s rim with two slick fingers. Joonmyun moans, teeth scraping over Jongin’s nipple when both fingers slip inside him at once.

He pushes down on them, his ass clenching around Jongin’s fingers as they spread him open. Jongin is so well versed with Joonmyun’s body that he knows how to get him hard and aching even if he’s already come. Joonmyun leaves marks over Jongin’s chest, thumbing over his nipples when he needs to pull away to breathe.

“Jongin,” he chokes, head tipping back and jaw slack.

Jongin wastes no time hoisting Joonmyun up off the floor, strong thighs wrapped around his waist as his slick cock pushes into Joonmyun’s ass. Joonmyun’s fingers twist in Jongin’s hair, the pleasure of being so full shooting up his spine and coiling around his limbs until he’s a slave to it.

Jongin fucks Joonmyun slow and deep, Joonmyun’s heels pressing against Jongin’s ass with every rock of his hips. It’s too hot; every nerve ending is on fire, stoked by Jongin’s strong thrusts and demanding kisses that keep Joonmyun light-headed and scrambling to keep up. He works himself down, grinding on Jongin’s cock desperately.

Joonmyun tugs on Jongin’s lower lip with his teeth, biting enough to feel the way Jongin’s cock jerks inside him and Jongin speeds, growling against Joonmyun’s mouth. Jongin’s fingers grip Joonmyun’s thighs tight enough to bruise, to keep him from moving at all as Jongin fucks into him with sharp, precise thrusts that have Joonmyun’s spine curving off the window. It rushes through him so quickly and Joonmyun moans out Jongin’s name when his cock kicks pathetically, spilling white between their bodies.

He clamps around Jongin, rigid and trembling as Jongin pistons through it, finally stilling when he comes. His cock throbs inside Joonmyun and he rocks his hips to pull everything from Jongin even as he tries to catch his breath.

Jongin’s face is flush and he’s sweaty, the stubble on his chin visible this close because he never shaves on the weekends. Joonmyun thumbs over it fondly and Jongin teasingly nips at him. “Love you,” Jongin hums, leaning in to rub the tips of their noses together.

Joonmyun is smiling, unable to help himself. “Love you too.”

After carefully peeling Joonmyun off the window and carrying him to the bathroom, Jongin cleans him up. Joonmyun had originally intended to use the day to mark off a few things on the house upkeep list, but curling up with Jongin on the couch to watch bad drama and make out until the sun sets trumps all that. There’s no better way to spend the weekend. (Especially when he gets to wriggle his way down Jongin’s body later, pushing Jongin’s knees to his shoulders to get his mouth on him until Jongin’s screaming his name.)
Tags: group: exo, length: short, pairing: suho/kai, rating: nc-17
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