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Fake Dating Things

Title: With A Bang
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Baekhyun
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1600w
Summary: Baekhyun probably should have given Kyungsoo a little warning.

There's a cut on Baekhyun's lip, bright red blood welling to the surface to stain pink. There's also the beginnings of a bruise darkening underneath his right eye. He winces when he raises the ice pack, alternating it between the two injuries with a pout on his face.

It serves him right.

Kyungsoo sighs and walks over to where Baekhyun is slumped on the edge of the bed. It's covered with a Yu-Gi-Oh comforter which only makes Perfect Sense when he knows that Baekhyun picked it out. It's been years since Baekhyun's moved out of his parents' house, but they've kept his room the same. Well, except for the new shelf tacked to the wall that's covered in bowling trophies. Kyungsoo suspects those have nothing to do with Baekhyun at all.

Baekhyun blinks up at Kyungsoo who is completely unaffected at his friend's appearance. He tips Baekhyun's chin up further to inspect the damage before taking the ice pack and moving it up to Baekhyun's eye. It's going to need more attention than his lip. The cut isn't so bad. Baekhyun hisses, eyes narrowing momentarily at Kyungsoo as if it's all his fault.

"You brought this on yourself," Kyungsoo states.

Baekhyun wrinkles his nose, then makes a soft noise of pain and lets his face relax again. "I did not. This was just a freak accident!"

"Baekhyun, you came out to your family by announcing me as your boyfriend," Kyungsoo deadpans. "I can't believe I didn't see it coming. If an idea is labelled under 'Stupid', trust you to run with it." The moment the words had slipped from Baekhyun’s mouth, not only had Kyungsoo gaped at him in shock, but Baekhyun’s mother tripped backwards, the tray in her hands flying into the air, smacking Baekhyun right in the face.

"I came out with the equivalent of ripping off a band-aid," Baekhyun asserts. "Got it done in one quick sentence!"

"And now you have a busted lip and a black eye," Kyungsoo reminds him, pushing against the ice pack a little harder because Baekhyun deserves a little pain. Not necessarily because of the absolutely tacky way he announced his lifestyle to the people who raised him, but because he hadn't given Kyungsoo any warning. Plus, there's the fact that Kyungsoo is not and never will be Baekhyun's boyfriend. Kyungsoo's stomach twists unpleasantly at the thought.

"But there's no awkward conversation."

"You could have given me a head's up."

"Then you wouldn't have come with me," Baekhyun says, going slightly cross-eyed as he brushes his bangs off his forehead.

"You're right. I wouldn't have. And as soon as I make sure you're fine, I'm leaving."

Baekhyun reaches up, delicate fingers wrapping around Kyungsoo's wrist. Kyungsoo blinks at him, knowing better than to let Baekhyun's puppy eyes coerce him any way. And yet . . .

Kyungsoo sighs and thumps Baekhyun's head with his other hand, relishing the whine that he gets in return. "I don't know why I put up with you. You bring me nothing but trouble."

"I am the only exciting thing in your life, Kyungsoo, and don't you forget it."

Kyungsoo curls his lip. "You bring the kind of excitement I'd rather stay away from." The frown remains on his face, determined not to let Baekhyun know that he's kind of right. Kyungsoo would never leave his apartment outside of work if not for Baekhyun dragging him out - usually while threatening him with bodily harm that he hardly ever follows through on. He'd never admit to enjoying the way Baekhyun badgers him because Baekhyun is too self-satisfied as it is.

"Just stay for today," Baekhyun pleads, uncharacteristically serious. "If you stay, then maybe it will sink in and my mother will finally stop trying to set me up with every single woman she meets."

Kyungsoo is truly burdened with being a better friend than Baekhyun deserves. Especially after this fiasco. Still, he decides it's probably best if he sticks around just in case anything else comes flying in the direction of Baekhyun's face. It would be irresponsible to leave him here.

He doesn't have to say anything for Baekhyun to know he's won. The stupid smug expression is back on his face and Kyungsoo rolls his eyes. "Come on, you big baby. It's time to stop milking your injuries and get back downstairs."

Baekhyun huffs, but allows Kyungsoo to poke around his eyes after taking off the ice pack, only jerking away from him once with a hiss. "You're fine," Kyungsoo chides.

"You're so mean to me," Baekhyun grumps, but he gets up without further complaint, only pausing long enough to grab Kyungsoo's hand on the way. Kyungsoo thinks about jerking his hand away, but pretenses and all that. It's unnerving how comfortable it feels to have Baekhyun's fingers slotted between his own and Kyungsoo keeps his grip purposefully loose, swallowing over the thick feeling in his mouth.

With his mind distracted, Kyungsoo smashes right into Baekhyun's back when they get to the bottom of the stairs. He's about to curse at him, but Baekhyun turns quickly, slapping a hand over Kyungsoo's mouth.

"Maybe he's just testing us," comes a woman's voice - Baekhyun's mother - from the other side of the wall. "He's always been one to make a spectacle of things. This could be no different."

There's a frown that pulls down Baekhyun's entire face and Kyungsoo peels his hand away to rub at the crease between Baekhyun's eyebrows. He genuinely feels bad for his friend. It can't be easy when his family doesn't want to accept what's plain in front of their faces.

"I'll tell him to come down so we can clear this up, maybe talk some sense into him if this is another of his antics. Playing these childish pranks isn't appropriate for someone his age. He should know better," Baekhyun's father says.

“We’re getting too old for heart attacks like the one he just gave us,” his mother adds with a sigh.

Baekhyun's eyes widen and he's clearly about to panic, pushing at Kyungsoo to go backwards up the stairs when he hears the footsteps coming closer. Instead of following instruction, and because Kyungsoo is able to keep a clear head about it all, he counters by pressing Baekhyun to the wall. Baekhyun stares at him and Kyungsoo winks.

"Trust me," Kyungsoo breathes. The footsteps are coming closer and Kyungsoo fits his thigh between Baekhyun's legs to keep him still; the last thing he needs is another bloody nose because Baekhyun has lurched forward unexpectedly.

Kyungsoo mentally cringes, screws his eyes shut, and kisses Baekhyun.

Baekhyun inhales sharply through his nose, his entire body going slack from shock. And then he's participating, his fingers curling through the strands of Kyungsoo's hair to hold as he tilts his head, mouth falling open. His tongue swipes over Kyungsoo's lips and it's so easy to give in. Baekhyun's mouth is warm, inviting, addicting.

Kyungsoo breathes him in, kisses him, enjoys him in a way that has his heart beating erratically in his chest. His fingers tighten on Baekhyun's waist and Baekhyun lets out a soft whimper. It makes Kyungsoo's toes curl in his socks, makes him want to see what other sounds he can coax from Baekhyun's pretty mouth.

Someone else makes a startled noise that Kyungsoo barely hears. He's too focused on Baekhyun's heavy breathing, on the feel of his lips and his hands and how he's wrapping himself around Kyungsoo for more.

It's been a long time since Kyungsoo's held anyone in his arms, since he's kissed anyone and that has to be the reason he can't seem to pull himself away. Rationally, he knows they've gotten the point across that Baekhyun is definitely gay and that Kyungsoo is his ‘boyfriend’, but irrationally, he doesn't want to stop.

It's Baekhyun who gently pushes at Kyungsoo's chest. When Kyungsoo releases his mouth, he takes in Baekhyun's state; his cheeks are flushed, his eyes sparkling and his lips are delectably pink and slick, reddened a little more from the smeared blood around his cut. Kyungsoo licks over his own lips and tastes it.

Beside them, Baekhyun's mother clears their throat. "Will you two be staying for dinner?"

Kyungsoo watches fondly (although he'll never admit it) as Baekhyun wrestles with putting a pillowcase on the pillow he pulled from the linen closet. It's only amusing because they've both had a little to drink and now they've been ushered into Baekhyun's old room to spend the night. Kyungsoo had argued that the buses were still running, but Baekhyun's parents countered by mentioning they'd still have to come back to pick up the car, so it only made sense to stay over.

Baekhyun finally manages to get it on, flinging the pillow in the general direction of the bed. "Don't you want to undress me?" Baekhyun croons, his eyebrows doing this wiggle that detracts from the way he's biting at his lower lip. He winces when his teeth scrape over his cut.

Kyungsoo makes a noise of derision. "You're not getting a blowjob out of this," Kyungsoo says even as he slips the button loose on Baekhyun's jeans. "If you want to keep up the whole boyfriend thing, you can fake the noises."

Baekhyun shrugs, shimmying out of his pants before tugging his shirt off over his head. He turns around, his hair tousled and his eyes gleaming in the low light from the small lamp by the bed. "Or I could blow you."

Baekhyun pushes Kyungsoo onto the mattress, climbing on his lap after. "Just make sure to scream my name," he whispers.

Kyungsoo silently apologizes to the Yu-Gi-Oh bedspread they're about to ruin.

Title: Social Standards
Pairing: fem!Luhan/Baekhyun
Rating: PG-13
Length: 2k
Author's Note: names changed - Luhan is Hana, Baekhyun is Baekhee
Summary: Hana can't possibly show up to a party without a date after her break-up.

Hana finds Baekhee sprawled out on a blanket in the courtyard, her coral dress riding a little too high on her thighs and her head tipped back to soak up the sun, feet slipped halfway out of her sandals. Chestnut strands catch in the light, shimmering to give her an ethereal quality. Hana would pause to enjoy the sight on any other day, but today she's a little distracted.

She flops down beside Baekhee on the worn patchwork fabric with a sigh, sighing harder when Baekhee doesn't take immediate notice of her.

"You're ruining a moment," Baekhee says, opening her eyes just enough to give Hana a look of annoyance. Her lips are glossy pink and slightly parted, an eyebrow raised to question why Hana is disturbing her.

"Minseok invited me to a party tonight," Hana groans. There's a blank look on Baekhee's face, not understanding what's so wrong with a party. College parties are totally fun. "Which means Yixing will be there with his new girlfriend and I can't show up still single!"

"Says who?"

"It's a rule," Hana insists. "The first public appearance of a split couple is like a judgement zone to see who made it out better. Showing up alone would ruin me."

"Hana, your breakup with Yixing was totally amicable. He's the sweetest guy on campus. I think he radiates a ‘no judgement’ aura."

"He already has a girlfriend!" Hana wails, listing to the side. "People will be watching me. Judging. My social life depends on this."

Baekhee sits up, her head tilted as she stares at her former roommate. "That's a bit of an overreaction, but I'll bite. You need my help, what - finding someone to pretend to be your hotter half?"

Hana scrunches her nose. "Be my date," Hana croons, pouting as she leans toward her friend.

Baekhee ponders the idea, tapping thoughtfully on her lower lip with her nail. "Yeah, ok, sure. You're totally hot enough to date me."

Hana makes a noise of delight, launching herself happily at Baekhee. She wraps her arms around her, knocking them both down onto the blanket. "You're the best."

"I know," Baekhee agrees. "But it's not as easy as that. Showing up with a trophy girlfriend won't be enough if we don't play it right."

"What did you have in mind?" Hana peers over at her friend, a nervous weight in her chest because she's always thought of Baekhee as this immovable object, an untouchable piece of artwork that she'd never want to sully. Baekhee is confident in herself and always speaks her mind and Hana's been envious of those gifts since the day they met.

Baekhee has this look on her face, the one that always precedes some crazy idea that she usually suckers Hana into helping her with. The last time, they'd barely gotten away with spray painting glitter on Chanyeol's hubcaps because he'd stained Baekhee's favorite blouse with mustard. "We should practice," she announces.

And it sounds innocent enough, but it's far from it. Hana finds herself pushed onto her back, staring up at Baekhee with wide eyes. "See, you can't look all surprised like that when I try to kiss you," Baekhee explains. "It's not believable."

Hana is about to gurgle out a response, but Baekhee is already leaning down, pressing their lips together. It's just a soft peck, but it sets off this urge in Hana that she doesn't resist. She threads her fingers through Baekhee's hair, hand resting on the back of her head to bring her down again.

Baekhee kisses just like she does everything else in her life - enthusiastically and holding nothing of herself back. Hana tries her best to keep up, head turning as her mouth drops open. She tastes the gum Baekhee had been chewing earlier, gets to feel the warmth of her body as Baekhee settles over her and drops her weight.

It's one thing to think about Baekhee's soft curves and another entirely to get to feel them herself. Hana can't stop touching, coaxing quiet noises from Baekhee that she eagerly swallows down. This is so much better than how Hana usually played it out in her head.

Baekhee gently lifts away, her pink gloss smeared around her mouth and her eyes sparkling. "Now you're getting the hang of it." She licks over her lips and Hana watches, trying to catch her breath. "I think we might need a little more practice," she adds. "For believability."

Hana agrees.

Minseok always throws the best parties. They aren't planned that way, but somehow word always gets out and by the time Chanyeol shows up with several kegs and every cheerleader on his heels, everything else falls in line. Being invited only means Minseok still hasn't realized that Chanyeol is going to turn his casual get togethers into a complete bash.

Hana has a firm grip on Baekhee's hand, letting her girlfriend for the night drag her through people to get inside the house. It's no surprise when they see Chanyeol set up in the corner, commandeering the small dj booth that Minseok never bothers to take down.

The party hasn't reached epic levels yet; it's still early for that, but Hana knows that Yixing will already be around. Minseok usually coerces him into helping set up the drinks and food beforehand. Hana worries her lip, wondering if Yixing brought his new girlfriend to help with it too. It's not that Hana still has feelings for Yixing; they'd always been better as friends anyway. But it feels odd being replaced.

Hana catches a glimpse of a frazzled looking Minseok running around with his mini-vac and grins, pointing him out to Baekhee who laughs. She looks exceptionally gorgeous tonight; Baekhee had opted for a black bodycon dress with a heart shaped hole across her back that Hana can't stop staring at. Her hair is curled, the sides pulled back with clips. She'd almost put on heels to match Hana's height, but decided for a simple pair of strappy sandals that manage to do wonderful things for her calves.

Hana had told her she didn't need to go to such lengths, but Baekhee had told her there wasn't a point to do anything halfway. "Go big or go home," she'd muttered, pushing Hana back into her room because the outfit Hana had picked out wasn't good enough.

Baekhee wrangled Hana into a white denim miniskirt, her eyes lingering on the swell of Hana's breasts over the cups of her pink bra. Hana had preened, knowing she looked good even after she'd pulled on a soft yellow crop top that hung loose and left her stomach exposed. It's summer and they're going to a party. She's dressing for the temperature.

Together, they're quite the pair and Baekhee soaks in the attention. She's a flower, blossoming in the sun and Hana is just as dazzled as the rest.

"Hana," comes an all too familiar voice and Hana plasters on a smile bordering on fake when she spins.

"Yixing," she greets. "How are you?" They hadn't really spoken after parting ways, even with their promises of keeping their friendship intact.

"Good," he answers. "Good. And you?"

Hana gives a one shouldered shrug. "Can't complain." It's awkward. It's so horribly awkward. She's known Yixing since their first year in high school. This is a disaster.

"So you're the ex," Baekhee comments from beside Hana. She's clearly running her eyes slowly down his body and back up. "Wow, she really traded up when she landed me."

Hana is torn between wanting to jump to Yixing's defense and kiss Baekhee senseless. Yixing has this look of disbelief on his face that doesn't fade even when someone else walks up. She's pretty, petite, her features soft and sweet. She casually links her arm with Yixing, smiling up at him as her black hair spills over her shoulder. She must be his new girlfriend.

Hana had been afraid that she'd feel something, maybe jealousy, when she saw them together, but there's nothing. She doesn't really care that Yixing has someone else.

"Hi, I'm Junmi," the girl introduces. "You must be Hana. Yixing talks about you all the time."

"Really?" Hana asks in surprise, eyebrow raised at Yixing in question.

Yixing slips his arm free from Junmi’s and wraps it around her shoulders to pull her to his side. “I only revealed your most redeeming qualities,” he teases, finally relaxing some.

Hana wrinkles her nose at him. “All my qualities are redeeming.”

Baekhee makes a humming noise, her eyes fixated on Hana’s legs. “You’re right about that.”

Junmi giggles and it’s absolutely adorable. Yixing’s cheeks are pink and it’s obvious that he’s quite taken with Junmi. All that crazy apprehension that had been haunting Hana drains away. Really, social ladders are secondary to a friendship like the one she has with Yixing. Although, it was a great reason to have Baekhee cling to her. Like she’s doing now, tugging on Hana’s arm to drag her out to where people are starting to dance.

“It was nice to meet you,” she calls over her shoulder to Junmi before turning back to Baekhee. "Well, that wasn't so bad," Hana laughs in relief, her arm sliding around Baekhee's waist to hold her as they begin swaying to the music. "Junmi's kinda cute."

Baekhee pokes her finger to Hana's cheek. "I'm your girlfriend, remember?" she tsks with a pout. "I should be the only cute girl you see."

Hana smiles at Baekhee, slinging her other arm around Baekhee's neck, crooking her elbow to drag her in close. "Let me make it up to you, girlfriend."

Baekhee stands on her toes to kiss Hana, nails skimming over Hana's bare sides before sliding her hands into the back pockets of her skirt. There’s a hint of strawberry from Baekhee’s lipgloss that lingers on Hana’s tongue. “You’re cute when you’re jealous.”

“I’m never jealous,” Baekhee quips. “I only want your attention.”

“You definitely have that,” Hana admits. “I’m all yours for the rest of the night.”

“I’m going to remind you you said that later,” Baekhee promises before kissing her again.

Hana’s head spins, heart stuttering and stomach fluttering. She’d never expected this from Baekhee, but she reasons she went wrong by assuming anything. Baekhee lives to keep people on their toes.

Even after the party, when Baekhee insists on walking Hana home like a proper girlfriend, Baekhee surprises her by ending up in Hana’s room, her sandals by the door and her curls now fallen into soft waves. Her clips are on Hana’s desk and it makes it easy for Hana to slip her fingers through the strands, tugging lightly on them as Baekhee moans into her mouth.

It was supposed to be a good night kiss, but now it’s evolving into a spending the night kind of kiss, which is perfectly alright with Hana. She’s more than willing to press Baekhee into her mattress if given the opportunity.

“So I think,” Baekhee begins, her words no more than a whisper against Hana’s lips, “that I should stay the night.”

“Okay,” Hana answers, eyes glazed over as Baekhee climbs off her lap to stand in front of her.

“It’s been a long night,” Baekhee says, stretching her arms over her head. “I’m beat.”

Hana just smiles fondly at Baekhee, knocking her foot against Baekhee’s calf. “I don’t usually let anyone sleep in my bed, but I’ll make an exception for you.”

Baekhee flashes her a grin. “I was hoping you’d say that.” She reaches down, shimmying her dress up her thighs. “I should warn you,” she adds, winking at Hana as the fabric moves higher, “I don’t have anything on under this dress.”

Of course she doesn’t.

Tags: group: exo, pairing: kyungsoo/baekhyun, rating: pg-13
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